Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mason's closes but no.46 to open soon

I return from holiday to hear that Mason's Bar & Restaurant has closed.  It seems that in difficult economic times the proprietor simply had to 'bite the bullet'.  This is sad news for him and his family, and for Ladywell too, of course.  Hopefully, in due course, some other operator will take on the lease and provide the sort of bar/dining experience much in demand in the Ladywell area.

It seems that the shop at 46 Ladywell Road will open shortly, though the new leaseholder is cagey about what the premises will offer.  On 15 August he wrote on the Brockley Central blogspot "we took on the lease of no.46 at the start of the month and are currently working to get it ready. As you appreciate, it's been empty for several years and although the landlord has replastered, put new stairs to the basement, loo in the basement, etc., there is still lots to do.  The interiors walls have been painted this weekend but there's still the woodwork to do, floor needs to be laid (purchased and being collected this Thursday), basement needs fitting out for storage, shop needs fitting out, front needs painting, shutters need to be installed . . .  There's lots to do and we want to get it just right rather than get standard shopfitters in - so please be patient!  I won't say yet what we will be selling but we think that it will fit in well in the area and although we'll be called Slater & King, we're not an estate agents or solicitors."

Robert Sheppard