Friday, 18 February 2011

Mmm . . . Morley's is coming

LVIG understands Morley's is about to take over the old off licence (drinks store) on Algernon Rd. Famous for its cut-price takeaway fried chicken, Morley’s will definitely be a big hit with school kids in the area. But does Ladywell need it? Fried chicken is the fastest growing of all fast foods, with outlets springing up all over the place. It’s cheap and cheerful but hazardously rich in fats and salts – not great for a healthy diet. Ladywell also has at least four takeaway outlets already in addition to a few other eateries. Some councils are imposing penalties on new takeaways in a bid to stop them taking over local high streets. So far Lewisham has let the market decide. But should it take a tougher approach to planning applications for takeaways so it can do more to protect the character of an area?  What do you think?

Rising from the ruins

It's taking shape. No.46 Ladywell Road, long an eyesore on the high street, is beginning to look like a decent shop unit again.
After a prolonged campaign by LVIG and sustained pressure from Lewisham council the old Nightwatch was sold to new owners who are turning it into two small flats and a shop unit. Work should be completed some time in the spring.
All we need now is a sustainable business to take over the premises! What kind of shop would you like to see in the high street?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Going, going, gone - 1 Slagrove Place is sold!

1 Slagrove Place, the former lodge and stables of St. Olave's Workhouse - located just behind the Ladywell Tavern facing the open space and playground - was sold today at auction for £730,000.  The guide price was only £450,000 but two bidders were clearly keen to get their hands on the buildings.  The buildings were most recently a Council training centre.  For more on the Workhouse's history see

Friday, 11 February 2011

Campaign on eyesore buildings hots up

Ladywell Village has plenty of interesting architecture, which has recently earned it Conservation Area status, but many of the once proud buildings are now left empty, are poorly maintained or spoilt by unsympathetic shopfronts and awnings, illuminated box signs etc.  There are few examples worse than the flats above Coral bookmakers which are highly visible, unoccupied and in a poor state of repair.  The Council's Empty Property Officer is on the case, but so far he's been unable to make much progress.  However, neither he nor LVIG are prepared to give up this battle.  Watch this space for more on this in the coming months.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Next LVIG Public Meeting and Planting Day

The next LVIG public meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Weds 16 March, probably at the St.Mary's Centre as usual.  We'll have two interesting speakers - one, James Jennings, a trustee of the newly constituted Playtower Building Preservation Trust, and the other Nick Long, the Council's Empty Homes Officer.  Full details and meeting agenda will be published on this blogspot shortly.

A volunteer planting day will take place on Sunday 27 March (again details to follow) so get the date in your diary if you're able to help replace the soil/compost in the Ladywell planters and plant-up.  Horticultural advice welcomed in advance of this!  Last year the planters really suffered during the hot summer despite quite regular watering in most cases.  We hope to do better this year by finding easier access to a water source.