Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Councillor says streetscape funds are secure

UPDATE: Cllr Vincent Davis has told LVIG that he believes funding for the streetscape improvements along Ladywell Road “remains in tact”. He told a LVIG meeting on Tuesday (November 23) that the funding Lewisham council receives from Transport for London for such schemes would undoubtedly be cut over the next three years. But he insisted  funds allocated for the Ladywell improvements in 2012-13 (£500k) and 2013-14 (£260k) were safe. LVIG certainly hopes so and will be working to ensure the full implementation of the scheme. LVIG plans to hold a further public meeting to explain the benefits of the streetscape action plan early next year. TonyM

Conservation plan for the Play Tower

What next for the tower?

The Council has let a contract to consultants for a Conservation Management Plan to be carried out on the Play Tower in Ladywell Road. This will provide up to date information on the state of the building and set out options for its reuse. The Council is also in the process of letting contracts for some structural work to the building. The start of both of these has been delayed due to the need to clear all bio-hazards and all other waste materials and collapsed tower sections from the site to enable full access to the building. The Council has said the works will start in January and last three months.
 In the meantime, a charitable trust is being formed by four organisations interested in taking over the building and securing funding for its refurbishment. They are three voluntary sector umbrella organisations active in the borough and a local church that would use the building to deliver community projects. Currently legal documents are being drawn up for approval prior to submission to the Charities Commission. Once the trust has been set up the intention is to promote it among the wider community as part of a consultation on the future use of the building. TonyR

Friday, 19 November 2010

Assembly says environment is top priority

The Ladywell Local Assembly, set up to give local people a say in shaping the future of their neighbourhood, has decided the top priority for the ward should be improving the local environment and landscape. At a meeting on November 16, local people also agreed that anti-social behaviour and crime; local shops; lack of youth and community facilities; and traffic were top concerns in the area.
The meeting voted to use £12,000 of Localities Fund cash to support five projects. These were: Lewisham Youth Theatre workshops with young people (£2,965); Brockley Max 2011 art in the park (£3,000); Lewisham Community Sports training plans (£2,000); Foxborough Gardens TRA plans for a dog walking area (£3,000); and Teachsport UK’s obesity prevention programme (£2,000 approx).
What do you think the assembly should be focusing on? Do you know of local projects that will benefit the community and are in need of funding?
The next assembly will be February 11 2011. TonyM

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

LVIG meeting - don't miss it!

The Ladywell Village Improvement Group is holding a meeting at the St Mary's Centre, Ladywell Road, on Tuesday November 23 at 7.30pm. Come along and hear more about this year's Ladywell Christmas Market, get an update on the streetscape plans, help organise a tree sponsorship campaign in the high street, meet our local councillors and find out the latest on the Playtower. Everybody is welcome. Don't miss it.