Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas in Ladywell

The pictures!!! . . . .
Christmas Market December 11 2010

And a Merry Christmas from LVIG

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Councillor says streetscape funds are secure

UPDATE: Cllr Vincent Davis has told LVIG that he believes funding for the streetscape improvements along Ladywell Road “remains in tact”. He told a LVIG meeting on Tuesday (November 23) that the funding Lewisham council receives from Transport for London for such schemes would undoubtedly be cut over the next three years. But he insisted  funds allocated for the Ladywell improvements in 2012-13 (£500k) and 2013-14 (£260k) were safe. LVIG certainly hopes so and will be working to ensure the full implementation of the scheme. LVIG plans to hold a further public meeting to explain the benefits of the streetscape action plan early next year. TonyM

Conservation plan for the Play Tower

What next for the tower?

The Council has let a contract to consultants for a Conservation Management Plan to be carried out on the Play Tower in Ladywell Road. This will provide up to date information on the state of the building and set out options for its reuse. The Council is also in the process of letting contracts for some structural work to the building. The start of both of these has been delayed due to the need to clear all bio-hazards and all other waste materials and collapsed tower sections from the site to enable full access to the building. The Council has said the works will start in January and last three months.
 In the meantime, a charitable trust is being formed by four organisations interested in taking over the building and securing funding for its refurbishment. They are three voluntary sector umbrella organisations active in the borough and a local church that would use the building to deliver community projects. Currently legal documents are being drawn up for approval prior to submission to the Charities Commission. Once the trust has been set up the intention is to promote it among the wider community as part of a consultation on the future use of the building. TonyR

Friday, 19 November 2010

Assembly says environment is top priority

The Ladywell Local Assembly, set up to give local people a say in shaping the future of their neighbourhood, has decided the top priority for the ward should be improving the local environment and landscape. At a meeting on November 16, local people also agreed that anti-social behaviour and crime; local shops; lack of youth and community facilities; and traffic were top concerns in the area.
The meeting voted to use £12,000 of Localities Fund cash to support five projects. These were: Lewisham Youth Theatre workshops with young people (£2,965); Brockley Max 2011 art in the park (£3,000); Lewisham Community Sports training plans (£2,000); Foxborough Gardens TRA plans for a dog walking area (£3,000); and Teachsport UK’s obesity prevention programme (£2,000 approx).
What do you think the assembly should be focusing on? Do you know of local projects that will benefit the community and are in need of funding?
The next assembly will be February 11 2011. TonyM

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

LVIG meeting - don't miss it!

The Ladywell Village Improvement Group is holding a meeting at the St Mary's Centre, Ladywell Road, on Tuesday November 23 at 7.30pm. Come along and hear more about this year's Ladywell Christmas Market, get an update on the streetscape plans, help organise a tree sponsorship campaign in the high street, meet our local councillors and find out the latest on the Playtower. Everybody is welcome. Don't miss it.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Congestion and the CPZ

No parking!
Embleton Road residents are up in arms over the congestion now being caused by the Ladywell Controlled Parking Zone. In last year's consultation by the council, Embleton residents voted No to the CPZ while several neighbouring streets voted Yes. Now the CPZ is being implemented the result is clear - Embleton is bearing the brunt of commuter parking in the area. Residents have been resorting to wheelie bins in a futile attempt to keep the commuters at bay. But now a group of residents have decided to launch a petition urging the council to implement the CPZ in Embleton Rd as soon as possible. I'm told the council can review the working of the CPZ within six months to a year. But after last year's No vote residents will have to show a clear majority now in favour. TonyM 

Friday, 15 October 2010

Peacock plans expansion

The owners of Peacock Food & Wine are seeking planning permission to combine No 101 Ladywell Rd, the former Rosa Parks hairdressers, and their existing shop at No 103 into one unit. The owners want to increase floorspace to make the business more viable. Their plans include breaking through the dividing wall, adding an extension and changing the shop fronts. The plans can be found on Lewisham’s planning portal (Ref no: DC/10/75446 - Sorry! the link seems very slow). Peacocks’ decision to expand their business looks like a vote of confidence in Ladywell. With El’s Kitchen opening in November and a refurbished shop unit at No 46 due to be completed in the New Year, Ladywell’s revival might be about to get another nudge forward. Tony Major

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Countdown to Christmas market

After the tremendous success of previous years, Ladywell Village Improvement Group (LVIG) will stage its third Christmas Market on Saturday 11th December 2010 at Railway Terrace, Ladywell. As well as offering the best in seasonal produce, unique gifts, arts and crafts and home made tasty treats, we will be keeping the crowds entertained with carols sung by local choirs and a special guest to switch on the Christmas tree lights.
If you are interested in taking in taking a stall at this years market please get in touch soon as they will be offered on a first come, first served basis. The cost of a pitch at the market is £50 for a covered stall. Stalls measure 7ft x 3ft table with 7ft x 7ft canopy. For traders who have their own public liability insurance we can offer a discounted rate of £40 per stall. Stall fees are payable on booking. If you would like to get involved with the event in other ways we will be looking for volunteers to deliver leaflets in the local area or to be a marshall on the day. Any help you can offer this community event will be much appreciated.
For more information about any aspect of the Christmas Market please email us at or call Alex on 07748090107

Friday, 8 October 2010

Finally! No 46 gets a facelift

It can only get better
UPDATE - After a long running campaign by LVIG, No 46 Ladywell Rd - better known as Nightwatch - is finally being refurbished. The shop unit and flat, long an eyesore on the high street after it was abandoned to foxes and pigeons by its previous owners for more than 15 years, is being converted into a shop unit and two small flats. The work, which started this week, is expected to be completed by the New Year. TonyM

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Streetscape improvements face uncertain future

Mayor Sir Steve Bullock and his cabinet decided on Tuesday that funding would not be made available next year for the Ladywell Streetscape project but it would be Lewisham council’s “next major scheme”.
In the discussions on transport strategy in the borough (the LIP - Local Implementation Plan) and use of available Transport for London Funding, the Mayor and his cabinet decided Lewisham had little room for manoeuvre.
Deputy Mayor Cllr. Alan Smith argued Lewisham’s two largest transport schemes - Surrey Canal Road underpasses (£500k) and Sydenham High Street (£600k) - were already in train and that the council was already to some extent committed to them. Ladywell would therefore have to wait its turn.
But as Cllr. Smith emphasised at the meeting, beyond next year, the three-year LIP submission is "aspirational", reflecting the uncertainties in public sector funding because of central government spending cuts.
So where does that leave Ladywell?
Under the proposals, Ladywell’s project is set to be covered by £500k in 2012-13 and £260k in 2013-14. But we now know that none of this funding can be guaranteed given the 20-25% budget cuts most public bodies will face.
It is therefore vital that LVIG and the local community keep up pressure on the council to implement the streetscape action plan and revive our neighbourhood. Feasibility work on the plan will take place next year as scheduled.
LVIG collected 407 signatures in support of its streetscape plans. Along with some intensive lobbying, we made sure the case for the scheme was acknowledged and understood by councillors.
As a result the mayor welcomed the constructive approach taken by LVIG and secured cabinet consensus on the Ladywell project being the council’s “next major scheme.”
We will now have to keep up the campaigning to ensure that the Mayor and his cabinet stick to their commitments.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Village Christmas market

Ladywell Village Improvement Group (LVIG) is organising a Christmas market in Ladywell Village again this year on Saturday December 11 (10.00am-4.00pm). The market aims to promote the benefits of shopping locally in Ladywell Village, supporting local businesses and the activities of LVIG. Come and join in the festive fun. You will find more than the usual Christmas cheer at your market, with the sights and sounds of a traditional Christmas fair offering the best in seasonal produce, presents and treats for everyone.
Need presents for friends or family? Or perhaps a treat for yourself? Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find great gifts, arts and crafts, home-made tasty puddings, finest cheeses and charcuterie, seasonal fruit and vegetables, mulled wine and mince pies to warm you up. And it will be more than a market. We'll keep everyone entertained. Carols will be sung by local choirs and we will be joined by a local celebrity at 2.00pm to switch on the Christmas tree lights
Cynthia Lamptey – Secretary (LVIG), Events team co-ordinator - 07977997332

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Be streetwise - back the plan!

The Ladywell Streetscape Action Plan aims to revive the High Street and act as a catalyst for further improvements to the neighbourhood. It aims to promote the interests of pedestrians and cyclists as well as drivers, create a commercial area that caters for the needs of business owners, shoppers, children and those with disabilities, and improve the environmental quality and economic viability of the area. The plan, which has the overwhelming backing of local residents, councillors and shop owners, is now under discussion by the council for inclusion in its transport plans for next year. Your support can help make it happen. See a copy of the Ladywell Report. Click here Be patient the link is a bit slow!

Sign the petition online at or in one of your local shops!!

It's important. The council will take its final decision at the end of September.

Here are 10 reasons why you should support LVIG’s streetscape action plan:

It aims to make the street an attractive and safe place for people of all ages and abilities.
It will help improve the quality of the street, boosting trade and encouraging investment in local businesses
It caters for the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers and users of public transport
It will create wider pavements and parking/loading bays for shop deliveries and shoppers
Wider pavements will offer more seating for local people
It will reduce traffic speeds by narrowing the road and creating a raised “table” at the main junction
Reduced traffic speeds will cut noise and improve safety and air quality
It will introduce more trees and better street signage and furniture
It will improve the strategic Waterlink Way cycle route by providing a proper connection
across Ladywell Rd
Above all it will encourage local residents to walk to the shops and local schools rather than drive, generating health and environmental benefits for the whole community. TonyM

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Our say! Is it?

Ladywell had its say – but in a rather unsatisfactory way!
The Ladywell Assembly spent over an hour discussing council spending and the services that might have to be cut. As we know Lewisham believes it will have to reduce its spending by around £60m over three years. The cuts will have to be made across a range of services – sport and leisure services, libraries, social care, highways, parks . . . you name it. But in the absence of clear guidance by councillors and officers it was difficult for residents to assess the potential impact of the cuts they might consider. The assembly was given the task of looking at three areas – town centres and businesses (budget £15m); activities for young people (budget £6m); and sport and leisure (budget £6m). We were asked to think about whether people should pay more for sports and leisure centres; whether the number of youth clubs available in the borough should be cut; and whether private business could be asked to sponsor facilities or services. Where do you begin? Do we suggest getting rid of the Business Advisory Service and Town Centre Managers because Lewisham can no longer afford them even though they might arguably contribute to reviving the local economy? Do we shut down youth centres and let the kids roam the streets potentially causing even more costly social problems? Do we close swimming pools because frankly they are expensive to run or do we suggest charging a market price that is likely to deter most users? Some or all of these things might happen. It will be difficult for Lewisham to cut £60m without losing services that lots of people depend on. But without more information on the potential savings and consequences of any proposals I for one thought it a big ask of residents. I’m all for consultation but its incumbent on council officers to make clear what the options are (with details of potential savings) and what the fallout will be. It is difficult to make an informed decision without these. If you were at the assembly let me know what you thought? Tony Major

Friday, 3 September 2010

School plans approved

Lewisham’s planning committee has given the go-ahead for the rebuilding of Gordonbrock School and the redevelopment of Prendergast School’s Adelaide Ave site. Work on rebuilding the 109-year-old Gordonbrock primary will now start early next year with the school decanting to another site, Greenvale, in January.
The Gordonbrock application had been hotly contested by the Brockley Society which argued the old buildings should be refurbished as they add character to the area. But the society,which successfully delayed building work earlier this year after being granted a court injunction, has now made clear it will not make a further attempt to derail the plans.
Two of Gordonbrock’s four Edwardian buildings will now be demolished and replaced with something a little more modern. The new buildings should have bigger classrooms, better facilities and indoor toilets. But after representations by BrocSoc, efforts will be made to preserve “interesting parts” of the old buildings.
The Prendergast plans will include redevelopment of the Adelaide Ave site, refurbishment work at the Hilly Fields site and a two-storey temporary building for classrooms while the work goes on.
Worth a look:
Tony Major

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Is it a Tesco, a Co-op - or just rumour?

Rumours are rife that a supermarket chain is looking to set up shop in Ladywell’s high street. It seems the renewed bout of speculation has been triggered by the application for an extension of planning permission on the site at the corner of Malyons Rd-Ladywell Rd. People have “been told” or “have heard” that a franchised Costcutter or Tesco Express . . . perhaps a Co-op outlet is planned. At the moment LVIG has no idea what is going on although we are seeking clarification from people in the corridors of power. What we do know is that the owners of the site are seeking a renewal of planning permission for the construction of a four storey block plus basement that would include nine flats plus a maisonette and a ground floor retail unit (see illustration).
But the owner of the site may have problems. The Ladywell Society tells me that under new London planning laws any new residential block of 10 or more units must include affordable housing. It is not clear that the proposed development does. The society also points out that the proposed building is higher than any other in Ladywell Rd and is to be built up to the pavement rather than in line with adjacent buildings – the cottages and the Tavern. It has objected to the application. No date has yet been set for a committee hearing on the planning application.
But what if a supermarket chain did move into the high street? Would you be opposed to it because it could threaten independent retailers and may lead to more empty shops? Or would you welcome it as a sign of Ladywell’s revival? Tell LVIG what you think. Add a comment Tony Major

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Progress in the park

Work on the Parklands project which will bring about major improvements to the middle and southern parts of Ladywell Fields (from the end of Malyons Rd right down to Catford), has started. The £1.2m project, funded by LDA/Thames Gateway, will involve river renaturalisation, landscaping works and extensive tree planting and will provide new riverside features, play facilities, an event space, some new pathways and bridges, refurbished tennis courts and better signage. See the up to date master plan on the council's website and pictures of the work so far at the Ladywell Fields User Group Facebook page

Construction of the new adventure playground is also progressing. This should be fully up and running by the autumn. Robert Sheppard

Friday, 27 August 2010

They're back!

UPDATE - Thanks to a bit of community lobbying and the help of local councillors the lights at the crossing are finally back on.

Hopefully the next time the lights have to be switched off for roadworks TfL will alert people, provide an explanation and make sure residents are not without a safe crossing for two weeks.

Sign of the times

The government is urging councils to get rid of unnecessary signs, railings and advertising hoardings in an effort to make our streets tidier and safer.  LVIG will raise a glass to that.  It lobbied strongly to get rid of sections of guardrailings along the high street and, as part of its proposed streetscape action plan, wants to see signage rationalised and street clutter removed. But the action plan is about more than just reducing street clutter.  The plan will make the high street a more attractive place and a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists. It is no longer enough for our streets to be focused on the needs of car drivers! 

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Pedestrians be damned

UPDATE - I am told the Ladywell traffic lights were indeed switched off to reduce traffic queues in Ladywell Rd while work was carried out at the end of Chudleigh Rd, with the help of a temporary set of lights. Traffic flows matter of course! But after almost two weeks out of action there is, to say the least, concern in Lewisham's corridors of power that matters may be getting out of hand. It seems that attention has now been drawn to the fact that residents' safety is being put at risk each day the lights are switched off - and that this might not be a good thing. I'm told hurried calls are now being made to TfL to see if the lights can be switched back on - ASAP. TonyM

Monday, 23 August 2010

Who's chicken?

So for how much longer are the residents of Ladywell expected to play a risky game of chicken each time they want to cross
Ladywell Rd.
The traffic lights at the crossing have now been out of action for a week and there seems little sign of them being switched back on any time soon. I was crossing on Saturday and a driver slowed down and then inexplicably stepped on the accelerator as I reached the middle of the road. Thanks. So what’s going on? I can’t help feeling someone in Transport for London has decided that because of the temporary lights at the end of
Chudleigh Rd
, where road works are taking place, the Ladywell crossing lights should be disabled in order not to slow down traffic during the day. I mean, it just wouldn’t do to make drivers stop twice in a 200 metre stretch of road would it?. Imagine the chaos. But what about residents dashing to catch the morning trains?  TonyM

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Cuts, cuts and more cuts

Big reductions in government funding will mean Lewisham council has to cut spending by £60m over the next three years. That's a huge chunk of funding. The council has stressed that this level of saving cannot be achieved by simply cutting out waste and becoming more efficient. It will involve big changes to the more than 700 services the council provides - everything from schools to pest control. It will mean raising charges for many and abandoning others altogether. Councils across the country are already reducing jobs, and cutting spending on school meals, meals on wheels services, the arts and leisure centres.

What should Lewisham do? For example, the council spends £113m a year on providing social care for adults because of age, ill-health or disability. It's likely that budget will have to be cut. Should the council simply reduce the number of people receiving these services?

Lewisham is running a consultation programme - Our Lewisham, Our Say - from July to October, seeking the views of residents on how the council might meet the challenges it faces.

On September 6 the Ladywell Assembly will be holding a special session on the spending cuts. Cuts on the scale envisaged could dramatically affect our neighbourhood, especially if they lead to higher unemployment and stop all funding for the sorts of improvements Ladywell needs. Make your voice heard   TonyM

Ladywell Assembly.
Monday 6 September 7-9pm
St Andrews Church Hall
Brockley Rd SE4 2SA
What do you think the council should do to reduce its spending?

What railings?

You may not have noticed but sections of the guardrailings along Ladywell Road have been removed - courtesy of Lewisham council. Below the first guarded responses from a random survey of customers at Oscars cafe.

John: "I hadn't noticed."

Paul: "I use the high street all the time, usually accompanied by my three young children. Initially I thought removing the railings would make it more dangerous. But that's not the case. The street seems safe and it looks a lot better."

Simon: "I didn't think it would make much diffference - but its great! It opens the place up."

Shirley: "I'm not sure. I think the road is a bit dangerous."

Hal: "I'm agnostic. Let's see."

What do you think? Let's hear your views.

So farewell . . .

A great Ladywell landmark is no more! The Adhesives Specialities building has finally bitten the dust. The demolition squad move in - and completed its work in double quick time. One can't help feeling the developer was in a bit hurry because community efforts to save the building were gathering pace. Its disappearance is a great pity! It may have been pastiche Art Deco from the 1980s (hence no listing) but it added a bit of colour - even flamboyance - to the neighbourhood. What will we get in its place? More boxy, characterless flats?  TonyM

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Join us for our AGM - 21 July, 7.30pm, St Mary's Centre

It's that time of year again - LVIG would like to welcome everyone to our Annual General Meeting where, in addition to an update on our recent work, we'll be voting in officers for the coming year.

It's on Wednesday 21 July at 7.30pm in the St.Mary's Centre, Ladywell Road, London SE13.

LVIG welcomes new blood to the Committee! If you are interested in standing for election to one of the officer posts (we currently have seven Committee members and try to spread the work between us), please e-mail for a nomination form. We know there are a huge number of people with the right skills and experience in Ladywell - from creatives to accountants, perhaps you'd like to be on the press and communications side, or maybe as Treasurer, or you'd like to offer your informal help with events?

Completed nomination forms must be received at 120 Algernon Road, London SE13 7AW or
emailed to by no later than midday on Monday 19 July 2010.

An agenda for the meeting will be posted here shortly....and soon you'll see our latest newsletter drop through your door.

And finally, a plea from us all to help water the planters in the village. While some are thriving thanks to frequent watering from residents and businesses, others are not looking so good. We invite you to be as green as possible - why not bring your bathwater down in a watering can?! One LVIG committee member did!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Your Assembly: what's important to you for 2010/2011?

We've been contacted by Lewisham Council, seeking views on the local area assembly priorities for Ladywell. It's an important time of year as local residents put forward ideas for spending, plus topics and areas which need addressing.

Ladywell's current agreed priorities are:
  1. Local shops
  2. Playtower
  3. Streetscape and environment
  4. Lack of youth and community facilities
  5. Anti social behaviour and crime
The Council has produced a survey to find out how these may still fit with local feeling, and you can find it here:

For the full story and details of how to contact the Council, click on 'comments' below

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Want to see improvements to the streetscape in Ladywell? Come and give your views...

LVIG has commissioned designers to look at possible improvements that could be made to the streetscape in Ladywell Village. After a first consultation with the local community at Ladywell train station earlier this month, the designers have produced an initial set of proposals. We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions for how the streetscape in Ladywell can be improved, as well as your thoughts on these initial ideas.

Ladywell Village existing roads and pavement layout:

LVIG is holding a further consultation in Ladywell Fields on Sunday 16 May from 10am-1.30pm, outside the café in the northern field. We'd welcome your feedback at this event and the designers will be on hand to discuss your ideas and thoughts on the initial proposals.
Ladywell Village possible new road and crossing layout A:  


Ladywell Village possible new road and crossing layout B:

LVIG will be holding further public consultations over next couple of months as the project develops. We'll keep you informed of the dates and locations of these, though if you are unable to attend and wish to have your say, please leave your comments and suggestions on this blog or email

Friday, 23 April 2010

And the winner is....

Question Time came to Ladywell on Wednesday 21 April, courtesy of LVIG. 

The five parties contesting the ward - Labour, LibDems, Greens, Conservatives and People Before Profit - put up candidates and representatives to be quizzed by members of the local community in St Mary's Centre on Ladywell Road.

With LVIG chair Tony Major offering a passable - though slimmer - imitation of David Dimbleby, the evening provided the parties and people of Ladywell a chance to discuss the issues that matter to them. 

Questions covered housing, schools, derelict properties, support for local businesses, planning, the conservation area, local assemblies, the role of Lewisham's elected Mayor and, yes, even your bin collection.

The party reps - Michael Rutheford (Conservatives), Max Calo (LibDems), Vincent Davis (Labour), Helen Mercer (People Before Profit) and Sue Luxton (Green) - battled over policy differences and sought to promote their priorities for Ladywell. 

For Sue there was a clear democratic deficit in the borough because of the power of the Mayor, while for Helen it was big business and Portakabins in our schools that should be the focus of our anger. Michael insisted we should have the right to elect a police chief, while Max supported community ownership of the PlayTower. Vincent defended Labour’s record in the borough and the role of local assemblies.

Points were scored and lines were muffed, but all the candidates favoured the modernisation of Gordonbrock school, now delayed by an injunction from Brockley Society, and backed a brown bin “kitchen waste” service in the borough. These were rare moments of agreement.

The winner.....was LVIG, for arranging the hustings and for putting itself at the centre of the debate on the issue that matter to the people and businesses in the neighbourhood. 

Monday, 19 April 2010

Ladywell's very own Question Time - come and meet your council candidates

Do you want to know what each political party has in store for Ladywell ward?

LVIG has arranged for candidates from the Conservative, 'Community Need before Private Greed', Green, Labour, and Liberal Democrat parties to come and be quizzed by Ladywell's residents.

The event is open to all and will begin at 7.30pm on Wednesday 21 April at
the St.Mary's Centre on Ladywell Road, SE13.

Please note - if you are attending and have a question you'd like to ask, please register it by midday on Tuesday 20 April, along with your full name and address, by e-mailing Priority will be given, on the night, to questions submitted in advance and we will try to fit as many questions in as time allows.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Think you know everything there is to know about Ladywell?

Come and prove it at the Ladywell Quiz!

8pm Tuesday 30th March @ The Ladywell Tavern

Help raise funds for LVIG

Round up your neighbours, tell all your friends...

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Ladywell businesses among finest in Borough

We are delighted that three Ladywell businesses have been shortlisted for the borough's business awards.  Congratulations go to Geddes (best new company), Masons Catering (growth business of the year) and the Ladywell Tavern (best pub) for making it so far through the process and we will all be rooting for you at the awards ceremony on 11 March.  Whatever the result, each has made a huge contribution to our local area and deserve our long term support!

Full details and listing of all shortlisted businesses can be found here:

Monday, 15 February 2010

What a wonderful Christmas market!

World Championship silver medal-winning athlete, Conrad Williams, with LVIG members, officially open the 2nd Ladywell Christmas market

Conrad Williams visits the LVIG fundraising stall

Stallholder Darrell Morris hides behind his photographic prints

LVIG member gets a free bike health check from Dr Bike

Conrad Williams signs autographs for fans

El's Kitchen delicatessen stall

Whitegates Farm do a roaring trade in locally-grown fruit and veg

Generous contributions from local businesses and LVIG members helped raise funds to improve the environment in Ladywell Village

Monday, 4 January 2010

Christmas tree clogging up your hallway?

Now that we're in January 2010, you may be wondering what to do with all your Christmas and New Year 'extras'. Well, Lewisham Council has the answer. Click on comments for a full run down of where to recycle everything from your tree to paper chains...