Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ladywell Traveller Site proposal revived

It seems that this proposal is very much alive and kicking - see  More to follow later today when I've clarified the position.  In the meantime see lively debate on this at

Robert Sheppard

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Where do you people think you live? Time to get real?

Back in September 'Anonymous' commented as follows on this Blogspot - "bar/dining experience . . . art and antiques . . . Where do you people think you live . . . This is Lewisham . . . RIOTS, MUGGING . . . wake up . . . there is no Ladywell Village"

Interesting this, I think, and worth discussing.  Is LVIG a bunch of self-delusionists?  Are we wasting our time dedicating time and effort to caring for and improving our area?  Maybe, maybe . . . or maybe not.  I for one won't be deterred by one naysayer.

Robert Sheppard