Friday, 23 December 2011

Boris gives green light to Ladywell Streetscape Scheme

On 15 December, the Mayor of London announced over £5.4m for transport improvements in Lewisham, including £450,000 to improve the Ladywell Village streescape.

In anticipation of this, Council officers have already been developing a Scheme based on the work commissioned a year ago by LVIG.  The Council plans to hold a public consultation on this early in 2012.

Construction will commence in early 2013 and is expected to be finished by late Summer.  The Scheme will include widened footways, conversion of the existing pelican crossing to a toucan crossing (pedestrians and cyclists), short-stay free parking on Ladywell Road and a new zebra crossing by Slagrove Place.  Street lighting adjacent to the shops will be renewed and there will be new street furniture and tree planting.  The Scheme will include repaving the areas adjacent to the shops in Ladywell Road and Algernon Road, and the design will seek to minimise the need for pedestrian guardrail in the village area.

Robert Sheppard

Monday, 12 December 2011

Planters now restocked and tidied-up

(The planter outside Doorstep Bakery - before and after)
Thanks to all who showed-up on Sunday morning to refill, restock and tidy the planters for winter.  Thanks especially to Sue Luxton for initiating this and bringing the plants and compost.  Please help by litter-picking when you go past - it really makes things a lot easier if everyone shares responsibility!
Robert Sheppard

Friday, 9 December 2011

Pressure mounts on empty flats

Lewisham Council is to serve an Empty Dwelling Management Order notice on E Coomes, the bookmakers that owns the empty flat above the Coral betting shop on Algernon Rd. Nick Long, the council empty homes officer, said he had been “inspired” to take action now by the recent Channel Four programme (Phil Spencer’s Empy Homes Giveaway) which featured the Ladywell Village Improvement Group’s campaign to bring the flats back into use. The large double fronted flat, with its broken windows, peeling paint, and deteriorating roof, has long been seen as a sad waste of a potential family home at a time of acute housing shortage. It has also been an eyesore on the local High Street for more than 10 years. Coomes has been given until the New Year to respond to the notice. If it doesn’t the council can then apply for the EDMO which, if granted, would allow it the right of possession without affecting E Coomes’ ownership of the flats. The council could then enter the property and manage it back into use. Tony Major

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ladywell Walking Tour leaflet now available!

The Ladywell Fields User Group, the Ladywell Society and the Friends of Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries have, with financial help from Lewisham Council, produced a leaflet which details two short walks around Ladywell.  Copies will be available at the Ladywell Assembly meeting this evening and, from later this week, in some local shops.  If you cannot get hold of a copy email your name and address to and we'll try to drop a copy in to you before Christmas.
Robert Sheppard

Friday, 2 December 2011

Phil Spencer highlights the scandal of empty homes in Ladywell

Phil Spencer (of 'Location, Location, Location' fame) was filming outside Coral Bookmakers this week for a Channel 4 programme to be broadcast at 9.00pm on Wednesday 7 December.  The Ladywell filming focused on the living space typically available to a family in temporary accommodation and the scandal of empty properties above shops - such as the empty and neglected flats above Coral.
(Above) Phil chats to locals 
(Above) Tony Major, LVIG Chair, galvanises the crowd!
(Above and below) Phil chats with Tony Major and Lara Thornton (LVIG Comms Officer)