Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Love Lewisham (especially Ladywell).

Lewisham council currently has a website to which you can report issues in the borough that you think need fixing. The sort of thing that Love Lewisham would appear to be aimed at are flytipping, uneven pavements and overflowing bins - anything which could be considered to be the council's responsibility with regards to the local environment.

"You can send us an email to report an issue.
Create an email addressed to lovelewisham@mediaklik.co.uk and attach a picture of an environmental issue to it.
Enter the location of the issue in the subject part of the message
Enter any other information you think would be useful n the text part of the message. If you would like to be notified by Email when the issue has been dealt with then enter the following text anywhere in the message EMAILYES.
Send it to lovelewisham@mediaklik.co.uk"

This could be a great way for us to get problems sorted out in the area and to keep a track of the progress in rectifying these issues.

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