Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Next general meeting - Wednesday 15th October - 8pm at the Tabernacle

The next scheduled meeting of LVIG is at the Tabernacle on Algernon Road on Wednesday 15th October at 8pm.

The next Christmas Market meeting will start at 7.30pm, before the general meeting. Make an evening of it and come to both meetings!

Agenda for general meeting:

This meeting is open to the public

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Minutes of the Ordinary Committee Meeting held on 17th September 2008

3. Ladywell Assembly and the Localities Fund

4. Playtower Group – update (Tony Rich)

5. Streetscape Group – update (Robert)

6. Linking with local businesses - update (John, Em)

7. Christmas Market (Eleanor)

8. Publicity round up (Lara)

9. Any Other Business


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm your latest member who attended the meeting in October regarding the christmas market. I have good news regarding a choir from a local school. Please contact me. I left my contact details at the meeting. Pete H.

Eleanor said...

Hi Pete - I have sent you an email. Thanks for joining us and helping out with the Christmas Market - it's much appreciated!