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Minutes from 21 January

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Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Committee held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 21 January 2009

Committee Members Present

Tony Major, Chair
Tony Rich, Deputy Chair and Treasurer
Lara Alden, Communications and Events Officer


An apology for absence was received from LVIG Committee members Cynthia Lamptey, Robert Sheppard, Eleanor Thompson & Peter Thornton. In addition several Members sent in their apologies, including Cllr Sue Luxton, Cllr Mike Keogh, Cllr Ute Mitchell, Barbara Cyrus, Ian Hughes, Sian McLean.


These were agreed as a correct record.


Tony M reported that the Market had been successful in building relationships between LVIG and the local traders, with the DIY store and Tavern in particular being very happy with the increased trade that day. He thanked everyone who worked so hard to make the event a success, particularly Sian, Cynthia and Eleanor. The logistical effort involved in organising the market was immense and there would be some elements which LVIG would prepare differently next time. For example it was felt there should be more arts and crafts stalls.

Lara reported on the media – in terms of local papers it is a crowded market and in 2008 LVIG’s event was an ‘unknown’ and so did not attract a huge amount of coverage. However the success of 2008 means that if there is a market in 2009 we stand a much greater chance of coverage. Tony M had taken part in an hour long live broadcast for LBC Radio the day after the market – doing extremely well in his first live interview!

Those present on 21 January commented that the leaflet was extremely well received and a very good idea to have the map on the reverse, as it alerted residents to businesses which they may not have known about before.

Members asked what progress may have been made with the Farmers Market moving down the hill on a more permanent basis? To be discussed at next meeting.

The success of the Christmas event led those present to briefly discuss a Summer fair on Ladywell Fields. Tony R reported that summer events being planned for Ladywell Fields and the timing could work out well. Also to be discussed at next meeting.


Lara reported on this, having attended the night before. It was well attended and held in the ‘new’ part of Prendergast School, and is highly recommended, for the interesting and broad overview of what’s going on in the whole ward.

The £10,000 Localities Fund has now been allocated to projects across the ward and includes £450 for street planting maintenance [for the planters outside the bakery] and £1450 for LVIG’s street planting request. The exact location of the planting is yet to be decided and LVIG needs to prepare ideas for the Council. Tony suggested that new trees may be preferable to further planters as they would require less maintenance.Tree planting may be able to coincide with the removal of some of the railings (see below).

The Council reported that they have been unsuccessful in their application to TfL for a feasibility study in to streetscape improvements (which could include road design and ‘street furniture’ such as railings) but that they have undertaken their own, smaller scale study. The outcome of this is that they have identified some railings which could be removed, which was welcomed by LVIG. Action – to chase update from Council for February meeting.

One of the attendees at the Assembly commented that only one shop in Ladywell Village (the fish and chip shop) is accessible for the less able or those with wheelchairs / buggies. It was agreed at the LVIG meeting that Lara would look in to whether funding is made available to shop keepers to improve their access.Lara will report back at the February LVIG meeting.

Perhaps the most significant item at the Assembly meeting was the Mayor’s Fund. This pot of £50,000 is available for Ladywell ward either to be split in to smaller amounts or spent in bigger chunks. It can go towards an existing project, or fund a new one. It is actually two lots of £25,000 rolled in to one but the important thing is that it will not be repeated – any project must be able to raise its own funds after that.

Due to the low number of people attending January’s meeting, this item will be rolled over into February as it is hugely significant.

Ideas for the funding are welcome – with a few below as suggestions:
• Refurbishing one of the empty shops and creating a Ladywell Co-Operative, running as a shop selling foods and serving as a community base
• A ‘Locality Makeover’ – a council initiative we need to look into
• Funding short stay car parking spaces for shoppers – for example 20 minute stay on wider roads where parking would not cause congestion or restrict flow of traffic
• Improving drainage on the corner of Ladywell Road and Algernon, particularly by the phone boxes and outside the newsagent/tattoo parlour.


Tony R reported that he had attended the meeting, and that they had also presented to the Assembly on 20 January. The initiative involved the provision of free consultants support to develop an action plan for the ward. The consultants also offered tips and advice for lowering Ladywell’s impact on the environment. Smart meters (which measure how much electricity you use a day and tell you the cost) are available at the library but there are currently only 15. Could LINC be something we publicise along with LVIG activities and make members aware of their work?


Tony R reported that proposals for use as a young people’s centre are progressing but that the deadline for the Council to submit its application for Central Government funding has slipped to September. It was argued that pressure needed to be maintained on the Council so that a bid for fund is submitted and plans taken forward.

Tony R has suggested a Building Preservation Trust be set up to manage the buildings and become its leaseholders. This would mean the project may be eligible for different grants and funding streams but there is still a considerable funding gap just to get the building watertight and in a good state of repair. Various organizations are interested in the proposals, including educational and youth projects. LVIG member Jamie commented that there is a gap in youth provision for the 13+ age group – above and below this are well catered for but young teenagers currently have few projects available to them.
Action: Tony R to bring a cd of the designs to the February LVIG meeting.


It was agreed that LVIG needs to formulate a plan for projects to take forwards in the next year, and that this could be called the “Ladywell Manifesto”, made up of short, medium and long term projects. It could include events, physical improvements or lobbying activities but will focus the group on elements which are most in demand. Linked to the Manifesto will be a media plan which will include proactive and reactive ideas to ensure individual projects maintain their profile.
Action: LVIG to draft its Manifesto and make draft available to discuss at February meeting

8. AOB

Tony M and Lara will invite the local papers back for an LVIG briefing on our future plans and successes so far.

Formal thanks were made in Tony R’s financial round-up to the Embelton Road Residents Association for their donation to LVIG’s funds. It meant that a potential gap in funding for materials for the Christmas market was filled and LVIG are very grateful.

The meeting was closed at 8.50pm.

LVIG’s next meeting is to be held on Wednesday February 18, at the St Mary’s Centre.