Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Minutes of Ordinary Committee Meeting - September 2009

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LVIG said...

Minutes of the Ordinary Committee Meeting, held 16th September at the Tank Gallery, Ladywell Road SE13 7HS

Committee members present
Tony Major, Chair
Tony Rich, Deputy Chair and Treasurer
Cynthia Lamptey, Secretary
Lara Thornton, Press Officer
Eleanor Thompson, Communications Officer

Others in attendance
Deborah Gyngell
Francesca Odell
Pete Thornton
Odile Blanchet
Laura Harvey
Silvia Paolini
Sue Luxton
Kevin Jeffrey
Judy Debenham
Rachel Warriner
Esme Davies
John Keidan

Apologies for absence were received from Robert Sheppard. Tony Major advised he would be late – Tony Rich chaired the meeting in his absence

Tony Rich introduced the Committee members for 2009/10. Since the AGM in July we are pleased to have Deborah Gyngell on board as Membership Officer

3. Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 20 MAY 2009
The Minutes were agreed as a correct record.

The Big Bulb Plant, spearheaded by the Eden Project, http://www.thebigbulbplant.com/ is a community initiative to encourage people to give their local community a floral makeover. If we can register early to take part then we can receive 250 free bulbs to help us on our way!
LVIG will also purchase more plants to give us some winter colour.
Sunday 11th October was confirmed as the next Community Planting Day at 2pm.
Additionally we have the council's permission to plant half a dozen trees. Each tree costs about £250 to buy and plant incl metal protector and maintenance. It was decided to raise sponsorship to pay for each tree - We will be seeking local sponsors and will be looking for relatively small amounts of cash (£10-£20) from residents and larger amounts from local businesses. We could have the sponsors of each tree named on a plaque and have a planting ceremony. Need to get press coverage. Tony Major to approach Southeastern Rail and gauge their interest in sponsoring a whole tree.

A note from Ute Michel, Councillor, that she doubts our proposal for a Walking Trail leaflet meets the objectives of the Assembly and Mayor’s Fund. As an alternative we could prepare a joint Localities Bid from LVIG, Ladywell Society and Friends of Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries. Need approx £3k.
Need to think about marketing and the distribution of the leaflets

Sue Luxton fed back from the Cabinet meeting that the Mayor has agreed Transport funding and that Ladywell Road is a top priority. £50k has been earmarked for Streetscape works, available April 2010 therefore our initial successful Ladywell Assembly bid for £10k may not now be necessary. Tony Rich has some reservations based on the Council’s track record regarding aspects of Ladywell makeover that they have failed to handle thus far that these works will go through and is concerned that community consultation will be taken away or minimised. Tony Rich suggested that LVIG continue to make the case for an urban designer to be under the control of the local community but that any feasibility work by LVIG be coordinated with Council activity. He agreed to follow up with Council officers on this.

Christmas Market – 12th December
LVIG Benefit Night – 10th October, Ladywell Tavern. Monies raised will go towards the funding of the Christmas Market

Newsletter will be out w/c 28th September. As ever volunteers needed to deliver copies

8. AOB
LVIG to promote Ladywell Assembly – Eleanor will email LVIG membership

Shop Local Bags – it was agreed to arrange transfer of funds for bags already bought to LVIG Christmas Fund