Friday, 18 December 2009

What do you think? Conservation area consultation launched

Lewisham Council has this week launched a consultation into creating a new Ladywell Conservation Area.  In essence, it includes the Station and most of the Victorian housing streets, as well as seeking comment on inclusion of Ladywell Road and the shops.  As you may know, much of our surrounding area, including Brockley and the north side of Hilly Fields, already lies within its own conservation area, brought in after a similar consultation in order to preserve the historic fabric and character of the neighbourhood.

LVIG will be preparing a response as a group but we do urge everyone to read the consultation leaflet you should have had through your door, as well as the surveys published here: .

The survey document and historical details are fascinating and worth a read on their own!

The Council are holding a special workshop and exhibition which will be well worth a visit, on Saturday 9 January 2010, 12noon-3pm, at Lewisham Library.  The consultation itself closes later in January, so you have time to read all the documents and give them your considered view.  Full details of how to respond are on the leaflet and website.


val said...

I'm unbelievably pissed off that Marsala Road is not included. Are we too downmarket a street or something?

My favourite theory is that someone is on the take, and can't include us because the previously thwarted development on the railway land behind some houses is due for a comeback.

Anonymous said...

I think it's more that the housing on Marsala is not the Jerrard style, which is what they're looking to secure for the future. While I agree it's a nice street and does contribute to the overall feel of Ladywell, it may not have the distinctive architectural merits needed for a conservation area?

But why not raise it in your response, and go along to the Library session next weekend? They might have a good answer, or might want to take comments like that on
Lara (LVIG)

Pete said...

A good point, if there's a public consultation process (and in this instance there is) you're not going to gain anything by not putting your grumbles across!