Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Congestion and the CPZ

No parking!
Embleton Road residents are up in arms over the congestion now being caused by the Ladywell Controlled Parking Zone. In last year's consultation by the council, Embleton residents voted No to the CPZ while several neighbouring streets voted Yes. Now the CPZ is being implemented the result is clear - Embleton is bearing the brunt of commuter parking in the area. Residents have been resorting to wheelie bins in a futile attempt to keep the commuters at bay. But now a group of residents have decided to launch a petition urging the council to implement the CPZ in Embleton Rd as soon as possible. I'm told the council can review the working of the CPZ within six months to a year. But after last year's No vote residents will have to show a clear majority now in favour. TonyM 


Pete said...

Algiers Road has the same problem and although I voted against the CPZ I predicted that this would happen.

In my opinion you have to either introduce an area wide CPZ or no CPZ at all. I personally prefer the latter.

Anonymous said...

there is a profound problem with this CPZ, and it won't be solved by widening the zone - it might clear *your* road but just moves the problem elsewhere.

A simple solution would be to have the zone in force for just a couple of hours in the middle of the day - then commuters would still have to move elsewhere but it wouldn't penalise other people who don't just dump their car and hop on the train

Unfortunately the council, having no creativity about anything, would never countenance such an ideas

Pete said...

The council said they wouldn't do that as it wouldn't raise enough revenue to be self supporting. If you've got a CPZ you have to pay someone to enforce it.

Anonymous said...

I was told that also when I suggested a 2 hour limit.

How that is not self supporting I wouldn't know. It takes 1 or 2 enforcement officers to walk the zone ONCE and any car without a permit gets a ticket.

Instant revenue, then the other 6 hours of their day could be put to use in other zones doing the same thing. More instant revenue.

Anonymous said...

top of Ellerdale St. raging as well.

The consultation made it seem as though they would make the whole area a CPZ.
I voted no, and was upset to learn they brought it in street by street because I knew it would just push them all to my end.
It has.
I know I have no right to put out a cone or bin, but I have to sometimes so I can get my shopping and baby in the house.
One commuter didn't care and moved my bins!

Councillor Vincent Davis said...

Cllr Gibson and I have heard from a number of residents in Embleton Road and Ermine Road since the CPZ was set up. Of course it is not even fully operational yet but the effects are being felt as the parking problem is being displaced from further down the hill.

We have taken the matter up with the council and as Tony points out in his blog the council has said that the CPZ may be reviewed between six and twelve months from its introduction.

We suspect that there are many residents for whom this will not be soon enough but they will have to show a ground swell of support for including their roads in an expanded CPZ.

Of course residents in Embleton Road and Ermine Road were consulted about the proposed CPZ and they voted against it. I understand however they did not expect a CPZ to be set up at all if the vote went against it. Had they known a smaller zone would be established and the problem dispalced to their streets they would have voted to be included.

We understand a meeting is being organised and there has been talk of a petition. We have agreed to attend a meeting if intetrested residents organise one.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Davis - Can you explain how only part of Ellerdale St. was included in the CPZ zone and part was not. Either the residents of the street voted for it or against it?

You can now add the top part of Ellerdale St. to you list of annoyed residents.

Steve said...

Well... Perhaps now all you dumb residents in Algiers Road realise what I was trying to say a year ago.. Due to your ignorance and apathy and refusal to pay 16.5p a day for a permit you have created a parking hell.. THANKS ALOT..

Steve said...

Embleton Road residents... why are you moaning you voted No.. so you got what you wanted, no CPZ in your road.. oh, what is it, did'nt you have the for sight to see what would happen?.. Now I bet you wished you voted yes, or like a lot of residents in Algiers Road you wished that you had botherd to vote at all!!! Want to know who to blame for this... LOOK IN THE MIRROR..

LettingFocus said...

I thought a CPZ of 12 to 2pm was best, but now our lovely Mayor has got his way and is Crodydonising Loampit Vale, you ought to have a thought for all the extra traffic and where these newcomers are all going to park.
I live in Algernon and I think we will be pleased we have got an all day restriction once Lewisham is fully Croydonised.

LettingFocus said...

Another thought re why Lewisham did not opt for a 2 hour midday CPZ (which would have cost less and would deter commuter/ hopsital parking) was the little fact that they probably earn money out of the NCP car park.
More restrictions = more people who have to use the car park.
But as I said in previous post, once Lewisham is Croydonised, you'll probably be glad you have an all day CPZ, because lots of the newcomers will be competing for the space outside your houses to park their cars.

Crimson said...

How do we know what the response rate was to the initial 'vote' on CPZ when votes were, as the council told me, counted in the privacy of their office? The whole voting process was therefore the equivalent of a banana republic election, & the council have got away with another extortion racket. CPZ has existed for many years in the local area & caused the problems of parking, and should have been abolished. Instead it was rolled out further as a 'solution' to the problem it caused in the first place. I cannot beleive how some people are so brainwashed. Do the council think we are ALL idiots???

Anonymous said...

This cpz was always gonna cause problems and it all started because one of the founding members of the ladywell society could not park his car < oh dear>>>This was always gonna cause an overspill problem as each road voted for the cpz.The guy who started it all with his moaning is the same guy you all praised a hero last year for telling you all to go and buy permits before the end of the year before the prices went up. Hes happy cuase he can park outside his house and hes happy to pay £60. Next year it will be £120 though and the way its going elsewhere in the borough will soon double again to £240 lets see who wants it then.Its a money making scheme but the council will only push it through to existing roads if a majority votes for it. Ermine said no twice and we still say no it should never have been implemented in the first place and the council needs to learn that no means no so stop residents who wanted it and were voted out from asking for it in ermine when they were consulted twice already. These consultations cost us all money you know. Scrap the whole thing and introduce a couple of hours during the day and charge £30 to every home simple simple simple....