Friday, 19 November 2010

Assembly says environment is top priority

The Ladywell Local Assembly, set up to give local people a say in shaping the future of their neighbourhood, has decided the top priority for the ward should be improving the local environment and landscape. At a meeting on November 16, local people also agreed that anti-social behaviour and crime; local shops; lack of youth and community facilities; and traffic were top concerns in the area.
The meeting voted to use £12,000 of Localities Fund cash to support five projects. These were: Lewisham Youth Theatre workshops with young people (£2,965); Brockley Max 2011 art in the park (£3,000); Lewisham Community Sports training plans (£2,000); Foxborough Gardens TRA plans for a dog walking area (£3,000); and Teachsport UK’s obesity prevention programme (£2,000 approx).
What do you think the assembly should be focusing on? Do you know of local projects that will benefit the community and are in need of funding?
The next assembly will be February 11 2011. TonyM

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