Friday, 11 February 2011

Campaign on eyesore buildings hots up

Ladywell Village has plenty of interesting architecture, which has recently earned it Conservation Area status, but many of the once proud buildings are now left empty, are poorly maintained or spoilt by unsympathetic shopfronts and awnings, illuminated box signs etc.  There are few examples worse than the flats above Coral bookmakers which are highly visible, unoccupied and in a poor state of repair.  The Council's Empty Property Officer is on the case, but so far he's been unable to make much progress.  However, neither he nor LVIG are prepared to give up this battle.  Watch this space for more on this in the coming months.

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Peter Tooke said...

This is disgraceful. Coombes/Coral just want to take the money and give nothing back. The Council should be encouraged to use everything at their disposal to encourage (or, failing that, FORCE) them to do the decent thing. Who knows, a more upmarket Ladywell might bring punters willing to spend more cash there? - so there could be an 'enlightened self interest' argument for spending a few bob on the property.