Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ladywell Traveller Site proposal revived

It seems that this proposal is very much alive and kicking - see  More to follow later today when I've clarified the position.  In the meantime see lively debate on this at

Robert Sheppard


Lets Have Democracy said...

A website set up by the residents of Church Grove is up and running. Visit it and see wahat the issues are.

Church Grove supporter said...

Please put the Church Grove website details on your blog. The council report you have directed people to is riddled with - frankly - lies. The travellers don't want the site on Church Grove any more than the Church Grove residents do. Its utterly impractical for both communities and would result in daily tensions over access (it's bad enough now!). Thank you.

Georgia said...

Come on LVIG!! The council is persecuting Church Grove because it is a tiny community (19 houses of teachers, nurses, labourers, prison workers etc) - not powerful or wealthy enough to be able to stop them but too powerful and wealthy to be worthy of their support or public compassion (unlike the travellers for example). The Council bullying is blatant - stop publicising the access issue or we (the Council) will take away your parking. LVIG - if you won't support Church Grove then they really don't stand a chance.