Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ladywell Baths ('Playtower') building works well underway

The building works, funded by the Council, to weatherproof and safeguard the structure of the building, are now well underway.  These works, once completed, will enable the Ladywell Tower Trust (a building preservation trust) to start to bring the building back into use whilst at the same time respecting its historical character.

The Trust is also exploring ways of securing the very significant funding that will be needed if the entire site is to be brought back into use.  Any future use(s) of the building will need to ensure an income stream that will cover the running costs of the building.

It is expected that early in 2013, once the building works are completed, a volunteer session will be arranged to clear and tidy the front forecourt of the building and, perhaps, to start to lay out a garden there.

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Robert Sheppard said...

See photos showing the state of the building (before the works started!) at