Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ladywell Public Realm Improvements begin in earnest

Some photos taken on the afternoon of Thursday 4 April 2013.
Looking north into Algernon Road

Looking south from Algernon Road


Deep excavations to sort out the levels

There used to be a road here . . .

Some early paving improvements visible at the bottom of Vicar's Hill




Geoffrey said...

I was in the Algernon Road post office this afternoon where the disruption to business is causing concern. The letter refered to in an earlier post, with the timetable, has not reached them, so they are in the dark as to the timescale of the works.

Anonymous said...

Overheard the workers talking about the unexpected height of the services and that the job could take at least a month longer than expected. I wonder if anyone considered the serious damage all this costly prettying up is going to do to the already potentially vulnerable businesses.

Anonymous said...

..and they have already punctured a water main so the lovely hole is now full of water and awaiting repair before they can proceed further. There is genuine worry for the businesses on Algernon Road who have all seen a disastrous drop in business. Would urge everyone to get in to Ladywell and get speding!

Peter Tooke said...

Dear grumbling Anon of 10 April - this "prettying up" is a major and long overdue revamp for Ladywell which will provide a boost for the place esp. for local businesses. A few weeks of disruption is a small price to pay for such a major investment.