Thursday, 5 September 2013

Local Business Exasperated by Slippage on Streetscape Works

Ladywell Road, looking east (taken today, 5 Sept 2013)
The Council has this week published the following statement:
"The [Ladywell Public Realm Improvements] scheme was originally expected to finish in September 2013.  However, work has been delayed because of ongoing and unforeseeable problems with underground services being located at an unusually shallow depth.  This has proved to be particularly true between Malyons Road and Chudleigh Road.  The carriageway work is now expected to be completed in mid October when the road will be reopened, and the paving of the footways will continue with an expected completion of the work around the end of November.
"A further issue, relating to underground cellars in Algernon Road, is currently being resolved. The contractor has now deployed additional staff and undertaken some working on weekends and Bank Holidays to speed up progress overall.  Many of these extra workers will focus on completing the works in Algernon Road and on the carriageway and drainage works in the remainder of Ladywell Road, before moving onto the footway works in Ladywell Road.
"The buses will be diverted down Phoebeth Road and Francemary Road whilst Chudleigh Road is closed at its junction with Ladywell Road. In order to facilitate this the humps in Phoebeth Road and Francemary Road will be replaced temporarily with speed cushions."
The Ladywell Village Improvement Group, which fought hard for these improvements, continues to believe they'll transform Ladywell for the better and, ultimately, boost the local economy.  Whilst some unforeseen problems have been encountered by Conways (the contractors), local traders have been suffering unreasonably because of the protracted works.  The Council must ensure Conways get Ladywell Road open quickly (i.e. earlier than specified above) and meet Ladywell traders to develop an action plan to get businesses up and running again as quickly as possible.


val said...

Isn't it amazing that Time Team can find ancient remains by doing various ground penetrating scans - not to mention that arachaeologists found Richard III under a car park after more than 500 years - these incompetents couldn't locate ANYTHING underground even with quite a lot of the history of the building of the area only just over 100 years ago available.

I hope they are paying really severe penalties. You did have penalty clauses, Lewisham Council, I suppose?

Geoffrey said...

Something for the ward councillors to follow up on; or perhaps for a "Question to Council"?

Anonymous said...

This reschedule of works timeline is totally unacceptable on all levels. So what? Are we just supposed to fold our arms and accept this? I think conways need to get more staff in, place this back on schedule, NOVEMBER!!!! are the having a laugh?

Anonymous said...

Funny, 'cos I was always under the impression that such work required a full survey to be completed first. It seems this was not done and the work team look like a bunch of cowboys who don't know what they're doing - are they actually professional contractors?

I've lost count of the times I've walked past (or should I say picked my way through the mess) to find that nobody is doing any work on it at all!

Assuming they complete the work (by the end of the year?!) I am now hugely concerned that it will all need re-doing a few months later. What quality assurances does Lewisham Council have in place? I'd like to see some evidence! - It is our money paying for this work!

Anonymous said...

LVIG must take some of the blame for this as well I'm afraid - they pushed through an ill conceived scheme and it has not surprisingly been a total disaster.

Longtime Ladywell Resident said...

How exactly is LVIG to blame for the pace of streetworks commissioned by the Council and monitored under a Council contract? On the contrary, LVIG should be thanked for getting this project of the ground. The prolonged disruption to businesses is a disgrace but the new environment should prove the catalyst for further improvements to business premises and the business environment generally.

Anonymous said...

Ladywell is currently in danger of being "Improved to Death", thanks to the incompetence of the contractors carrying out the work. Local businesses have been struggling to attract custom since the various road closures and obstacles have been introduced. Why oh why did it take 3 months to complete the roadworks in Slagrove Road, that were begun before last Christmas, only to start digging-up the end of it AGAIN in September 2013? Gillian Road should never have been completely closed while the work on the Ladywell end of Algernon Road was being carried out, creating huge local traffic congestion and detours - for over 3 months. Dumping equipment and materials at the Ladywell end of Algernon Road, blocking off the bus stop was a cruelty to potential passengers, since Vicars Hill is a very steep hill, especially if negotiated while laden with shopping. Many of us Ladywell locals have had enough of the disruption and damage to local businesses, and rue the day that Conways were given the contract for these works. 'Unexpectedly shallow services'?!! - haven't they heard of 'Geophys.'? - even British Gas routinely use it for detecting underground pipes, etc.
The thought of the works being extended to January 2014 makes me feel positively apoplectic!

Livid Ladywell-ite.