Wednesday 13 November 2013

Ladywell Tavern to reopen on 13/14 December

The licensee-to-be of the Ladywell Tavern yesterday confirmed his intention that the pub will re-open on either 13 or 14 December, probably with live music and certainly with a party atmosphere.  This is good news for Ladywell.
We hope for more good news in the New Year in the form of a new proprietor for the deli premises.


Anonymous said...

Great news. Although I'm not getting my hopes up yet. I'll believe it when I work starting in there-seems an awful lot to do in one month.

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant. Now the pub is back on track, let's keep our fingers crossed for the deli. Looking forward to a great party when the Tavern reopens its doors. Would be perfect if it does coincide with the Ladywell Christmas Market.

Anonymous said...

Great news, looking forward to the opening and Christmas Market