Monday, 31 March 2014

LVIG Public Meeting & AGM now on 9th April at 7.30pm

Thank you for your patience with us for changing the date of the LVIG AGM - the Brockley Noise Action Group is very grateful to us for postponing so they could maximise the turn-out at their meeting that evening.
We hope that you will be willing and able to come to the public meeting which will now be held at the St Mary’s Centre from 7.30pm on 9th April. We have lots of ideas for events, activities and campaigns for the year(s) ahead and we’d love you be part of bringing them into life with a view to improving our quality of life in Ladywell. We’d really like to hear your great ideas and throw them into the mix too!
For the group to make these happen we need to elect a committee for 2014/15 and that’s where LVIG needs some help from you! For LVIG to continue to exist it needs members of the local community to represent it and become the public face for it.
As a committee member your contribution does not need to be time consuming or onerous – your level of input is your choice, but it will involve attending a few meetings a year and doing a bit of admin as a minimum – anything more you can do will, of course, be very much appreciated. Obviously, positions such as the Chair and Communications and Events Officer require more activity, and you would need to feel comfortable talking to community groups, leaders, councillors and the press when the occasion warrants. A brief description of the committee roles can be found below. Please email us if you’d like further information about these.
If you’d like to make a difference in your local community by taking on one of the Committee roles below please fil out and return a nomination form before midnight on Saturday 5th April. 
Click on this link to the nomination form in PDF format, print it out, fill it in and post it to 120 Algernon Road, London SE13 7AW - OR click on this link to the nomination form in Word format, download it, fill it in and email it to

  • The Chair is the primary contact for the organisation, representing the organisation as necessary at meetings.  He/she will, in normal circumstances, chair all meetings of the Group and ensure adherence to the Constitution.
  • The Vice-Chair & Treasurer handles all the Group’s financial arrangements, including any bank account the Group may open and any donations or subscription, and will chair meetings in the Chair’s absence
  • The Secretary arranges all the Group’s meetings, prepares and despatches agendas, minutes meetings, and retains copies of all agendas and minutes
  • The Membership Officer maintains the Group’s membership list
  • The Communications & Events Officer is responsible, in close liaison with the Chair, for the Group’s internal and external communications, including maintenance of the Blog and Twitter account)
  • The Deputy Secretary (see bullet 3 above)
  • The Deputy Communications & Events Officer (see bullet 5 above)

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