Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ladywell traders challenge Council ruling

The Brockley Central blog reports the current battle being fought by Ladywell traders to ensure that commonsense prevails and that the Council's plans to ban all business use of the Ladywell pavements is reconsidered.

A blanket ban as proposed will do nothing to help local business to attract passing trade and compete in a difficult retail environment.

It's reported that Mayor Steve Bullock plans to visit Ladywell on Friday to talk to traders and take a look for himself.


Anonymous said...

Ladywell was beginning to become attractive with displays and seating outside local cafes and shops alive and tastefully colourful after all the upheaval of the roadworks a peaceful and inviting enclave of local shops. To have a blanket ban of displays will invite dangerous cycling and endanger pedestrians on what should be pedestrian pavements!!! I speak as an elderly ladywell resident with frail bones I do not want to feel in fear of fractures from collisions with cyclists as I shop locally to support local shops and small businesses. Another comment I wish to make is that road crossings should be studied ie as are precarious for pedestrians!!!

Anonymous said...

I must add that I support safe cycling paths for cyclists and am very pro cycling. However there has to be a safe place for pedestrians, the netherlands are experts so perhaps they could provide good advice in this matter!!