Thursday, 5 November 2015

Ladywell just keeps getting better!

A busy life makes it hard to post to this blog as often one might like, and the three items below are a little late, but all demonstrate continued momentum in the improvement of Ladywell since the major streetworks brought the place to a grinding halt, and nearly bankrupted local businesses, in 2013.
Our excellent new 'mural' (presumably not really a mural unless its on a wall?) screening the
derelict garages site on the corner of Malyons Road (see blog item below).
 . . and there's evidence of work going on at 40 Ladywell Road
where we hope a new restaurant will open in 2016

. . . and 251 Algernon Road looks to be in the final stages of a major exterior refurb!
So lots of positives, even on a rainy November lunchtime, to add to anecdotal evidence that various of the newer local businesses seem to be going from strength to strength with clear evidence of loyal and appreciative clientele.
We very much hope for positive news in the coming months in relation to the neglected local asset that is the Ladywell Baths ('Playtower'), recently listed by the Victorian Society as one of the country's top 10 Victorian/Edwardian buildings at risk.  Come on Lewisham Council!
Robert Sheppard

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