Friday, 11 December 2015

We've had the following message in relation to the plans for the former Ladywell Leisure Centre site from Anne Wilding, the Project Manager:
"We are working with LB Lewisham on the temporary build project going up on the former leisure site on Lewisham High Street. We will be managing 3/4 of the ground floor, which will contain retail, cafe and maker spaces.
"Rent will be approximately 1/2 market rate and we are looking for tenants who will bring something extra to what's on offer in the area, who will not compete with existing local businesses,who will benefit most from affordable rents, and preferably who are local, though this is less important than what they have to gain and offer.
"Would you be able to help us get the word out?"
Of course, Anne - happy to oblige!
Robert Sheppard

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