Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Ladywell Assembly - Weds 27 January

Even at this time of austerity, Lewisham Council maintains its costly system of ward assemblies and the ward budgets (albeit now reduced to £12,500) which are annually doled-out to those (generally 'usual suspects') clued-up enough to complete a longish application form and mobilise the necessary flashmob on the night.
At next week's Ladywell Assembly, which will be held at Gordonbrock School, Amyruth Road, London SE4 1HQ from 7.00pm on Weds 27 January, decisions will be made on funding for 2016/17 and anyone aged 14 and above who lives in the Ladywell Ward has a vote.

One of this year's bids comes from the Friends of Ladywell and Brockley Cemeteries.  Others in the mix come from:
  • Max Media Arts
  • Dalmain Athletics
  • The St.Andrews Centre
  • Ladywell Youth Club and One Community Project
  • EMT First Aid and Lifeguard Training
  • Bellingham Football Club
  • Brockley Three Peaks Walk

What may be of more interest in reality is the update expected on the Ladywell Baths ('Playtower').  It's hoped that the Council, stirred into action at last by the Victorian Society's shaming and the local petition (now with over 800 supporters), will have some positive news on what might be done to save this very special local landmark.

The contact at the Council is



val said...

Post sounds a bit snidey. Remember the Playtower isn't even in Ladywell Ward. If the 'usual suspects" bother to put in a bid and attend the assembly, good luck to them. If you don't like it,
A. Attend yourself
B. Become an assembly co-ordinator.

Jim Thompson said...

I agree re. the Assembly - it is window dressing masking the democratic deficit at the Town Hall where, under the Mayoral system, elected Councillors have no power and minimal influence. And this experiment in 'participatory budgeting' leads to an unedifying contest between local organisations for a meagre funding pot. Just scrap the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Indeed the Ladywell Victorian Baths are not in the ward, neither is the Place Ladywell project. Interesting that presentations on both took up at least half of the last Assembly meeting... Are the organisers and councillors aware of the ward boundaries ;-)

Longtime Ladywell Resident said...

At the last Ward Boundary Review the desire for neat 3 Councillor wards with similar populations took precedence (rather than basing wards on local community identity, which is how things are more commonly done nowadays). I suspect that if we had another review now (or soon) we'd see a more logical Ladywell Ward including the Playtower, St.Mary's Church and Wearside area but excluding areas towards St.John's and Brockley which are clearly not in Ladywell.