Monday, 25 July 2016

10-14 Mercy Terrace - Update

In January this year the Council refused planning permission for a development on this existing warehouse site round the back of the Ladywell Post Office.  The Council wrote, amongst other things:
  • the proposed dwelling mix, through the inclusion of studio units and the failure to provide any family sized dwellings, would fail to provide a long term and  sustainable solution to housing need within the borough . . . ; and that
  • the development would fail to provide an acceptable standard of residential amenity for future occupiers by reason of the provision of undersized units which would have poor internal amenity levels due to the substandard access to sunlight and daylight and would also fail to provide dedicated private amenity space for all units . . . ; and that
  • the proposed development would fail to provide any affordable housing . . .

Now a further application has been received for "Demolition of the existing building and the construction of a mixed-use development comprising approximately 372sqm of office floorspace (Use Class B1) and a part 3/part4/part 5 storey building to provide 45 residential units together with the provision of disabled parking and landscaping at 10-14 Mercy Terrace SE13 (Outline Application)."
This looks like little more than a reduction in units from 49 to 45 but it's difficult to know as no supporting documents are yet available on the Council website.
Robert Sheppard

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