Monday, 6 February 2017

Ladywell Fields Tennis Court Refurb

Many of you will have noticed that works have commenced at the tennis courts in the north field, opposite the Hospital.   The work started on 9 Jan 2017 and the contractors are hoping to complete around the end of March 2017, though the timescale is somewhat weather dependent.

Floodlights will be installed in phase 2 (later than March, but hopefully not too long after).  This is a Council project delivered in partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association, the London Marathon Charitable Trust and Glendale.

Once upgraded - to high standards - access to the courts will require a digital fob (that will cost c.£30- 50 p.a. per individual or family) and an online booking system will enable fob access for pre-booked, one hour time slots.

Regular coaching sessions (at additional cost) will continue as now.

Robert Sheppard

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