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Report from meeting 5/6/2008

The meeting on 5 June was very well attended - just like our first meeting - so thank you to everyone who came along.

This meeting was important because we agreed the constitution as well as key officers, who can take the group forward. A full account of the meeting is listed as a comment to this post (click on 'comments' below)

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Ladywell Village Improvement Group said...

The Annual General Meeting started 7.00p.m.

Election of Committee

Robert opened meeting to elect Chair

Tony Major elected Chair

Tony called for other members to be elected as Committee Officers

Deputy Chair and Treasurer: Tony Rich
Secretary: Cynthia Lamptey
Deputy Secretary: Robert Sheppard
Communications and Events Officer: Lara Alden
Deputy Communications and Events Officer: Eleanor Thompson
Membership Officer: Pete Thornton

Further details about the officers can be found on the attached Committee document

Ratification of the Constitution
Constitution has been available online and from select shops for some time. The Chair
briefly outlined it and asked for it to be ratified by the Group

Comments from the floor:
It was asked what the definition of ‘meeting’ is?
In response it was noted that the Group meeting once per year meant a meeting of the entire group. The Committee meeting once per month meant a meeting of elected officers

It was suggested that Group meetings should be more often than once a year – perhaps 3 (three) times per year
In response it was noted that this suggestion would be taken on board and considered and constitution amended accordingly as necessary

It was asked - How does the committee intend to liaise with other groups and the Council? In response the Chair advised this would be covered later in the meeting

Constitution ratified

For the benefit of the Group The Chair read from the Constitution points regarding LVIG’s financial arrangements, still to be set up and advised that Committee meeting will be held 3rd (third) Wednesday of each month. Venue still tbc. Venue details will be posted on the blog site when confirmed.

Summary of the Survey results: Deborah Gyngell
A copy of the survey results is attached.
It was asked whether the age of the Survey respondents had been recorded
Deborah responded No
Several comments noted that the results were positive – many agreed with the overwhelming Survey view that there was a lack of fresh fruit and veg. One person commented that we don’t necessarily need new shops selling fruit and veg we need the existing shops to sell better quality fruit and veg and a local commitment to buying them.

Some people commented on aspects of the Survey e.g. Drycleaners agreed with some respondent comments that parking was an issue in getting people to stop and shop. They suggested parking zones allow for 10/20 minute stops.

Some comments in agreement with Survey view that empty shops on the High Road
were a problem. The Nightwatch store was singled out as an example.
In response Cllr Sue Luxton said that she has been asking for enforcement action.
Finally there is now an enforcement action pending on the Nightwatch store.
Sue cautioned that these things take a long time

Planning applications for new businesses
The proposal for a Chinese Takeaway at no 105 has been deferred for the moment, pending the applicant supplying evidence of what efforts have been made to let the premises as A1 (retail).

Mary Drabble from the Ladywell Society pointed out the implications of not having the
correct licence

Feedback from Ladywell Fields Fun Day (10th May) Lara Alden
LVIG manned a stall at the Fun Day alongside the Ladywell Society and Ladywell
Fields User Group.
It was a positive experience
Lots of interest from the general public – many asked about individual shops
Collected another dozen or so members’ signatures
LVIG plan to attend the Hilly Fields fair 21 June

Projects and Campaigns
Town Centre Manager – Tony Rich
TR circulated a petition for signing to Lewisham Council to request a TCM, or share a TCM – Brockley Cross Action Group (BXAG) has a TCM assigned to them 1 day a week.

It was suggested that LVIG invite BX’ TCM to the next meeting but Cllr Sue Luxton advised that BX’ TCM has recently moved to cover another part of the borough as the team had been restructured and it might be too early to invite the new TCM

Another suggestion was that we should ensure that our petition suggests that Brockley
and Ladywell both come under the same TCM’s remit

Local events – Tony Rich
· Shop Local Bags – ‘Design the bag’ competition won by a 5 year old girl from Gordonbrock school. Sterling work from Cllr Sue Luxton who has liaised with local businesses to sell the resulting bag. Available from many outlets on Ladywell and Algernon Roads. 300 bags printed in first instance. Second printing likely.
The bags are being sold for £3.50 per bag. Agreement with head of economic development that money will be held solely for use in Ladywell

Ladywell Society and LVIG will also be selling these bags at a Fayre near you soon!

· Use of station forecourt for events – e.g. Christmas market
· Ladywell Beer Festival – could take place in the about-to-reopen Ladywell Tavern!

It was commented that in order to encourage local businesses to improve there needs to be a tangible commitment from local people that they will use those businesses. E.g. something along the lines of the Wedge card or e.g. a pledge to spend a certain amount of money per month

Key partners and stakeholders meeting
To include:
o Lewisham Town Centre Manager
o Head of Economic Development – Lewisham Council
o Representative from Network Rail
o Retail and commercial business owners/managers
o Local MP/Ward Councillor

The Group would need to engage with a range of stakeholder organisations and individuals in order to achieve its aims. An initial list was presented which was open to amendment and additions. The Chair pointed out that while it was unlikely that we would get all the necessary people together at one meeting, it will be important to set out a strategy to meet with them over the course of the next weeks and months.

Ladywell Ward Assembly – Cllr Ute Michel
Date: Thursday 26 June 2008 Venue: St Andrews Church Hall, Brockley Road, SE4 2SA Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
These Assembly meetings to be held 4 times a year are open to everyone who lives, works or has an interest in the Ladywell ward. Ute suggested it was one way of putting the LVIG agenda forward as it gives the community a chance to speak and to be heard in the Council

Ute advised there is a now a Localities Fund (3 years old) of £10k per each ward per year. Money is there for local uses. Asked from the floor for more detail on how the
Fund has been used so far Ute advised the following:
Year 1 – Fund totaled £5k – projects included Christmas Lights and Tree for Ladywell Rd
Year 2 - 7/8 projects including a donation to the Gordonbrock school PTA for their
playground refurb; Planters on corner of Algernon Road; Bird boxes for Hilly Fields;
Year 3 – projects included maintenance of Planters; Funding for youth activity in the Slagrove/ Dressington Avenue areas; Notice boards for Friends of Brockley and
Ladywell cemeteries.
Additionally there is an extra pot of money, the Mayor’s Fund. This is a more
substantial amount of money available for bigger projects.
LVIG will need to make their voice heard to get a share of this funding.
Working groups – Tony Rich
To encourage a wider spread of involvement in LVIG TR suggested forming working groups to look in greater detail at aspects of the LVIG Agenda for improvement
Community Activities including such things as the Playtower – further to suggestions from the floor, it was agreed that a separate working group should be formed which concentrated solely in the first instance on the Playtower
Streetscape - a ‘walkabout’ has already been planned with participation from the
Council, residents and highways officers June/ July. Date and details tbc
Traffic and Parking
Retail Vitality and Mix

Sign up forms for the working groups were circulated. LVIG to report back soon on development.

AOB and miscellaneous comments from the Floor
It would have been good to know the age breakdown of the Survey respondents. Is there anywhere else to check the breakdown in profile of Ladywell residents?
In response Tony Rich advised that these details can be found on Lewisham Council website although the figures are probably a little aged – from 2003

There were concerns from many about the amount of litter to be found on Ladywell Road.
In response Tony Rich referred back to Streetscape working group as a possible resource for action.
Advice from Drycleaners that rubbish not in pink bags were likely to be residents own rubbish rather than local businesses

Concerns about preserving the Architectural Features of Ladywell buildings
Please contact Ladywell Society for greater details on Brockley PFI and Conservation Areas and the actions Ladywell Society are seeking

The meeting closed at 8.50pm.

Next Committee meeting
Wednesday 16 July. Venue tbc

1. We omitted to mention the following event:
The first Ladywell village fete is going to take place on Saturday, 19 July from 12-4pm in
Ladywell Fields bordering on Dressington Avenue (beyond the end of Malyons Road). There is going to be a range of activities for children and young people, information stalls, food & drink and much more. It is an initiative between Ladywell Day Centre, Abbey Manor College and Slagrove Partnership, the forum of the housing associations and partners in the area, to reach out and bring the local community from the wider village area together. For further info contact John Loveridge:
2.Although he did not declare at the meeting Tony Major (Chair) has always been open about the fact that his partner has acquired property in Ladywell and will shortly be opening a cafe