Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Ordinary Committee Meeting - this week - 16 July 2008

Agenda for Ordinary Committee Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 16 July 2008, 7.30pm at St Mary’s Centre, Ladywell Road, London SE13.

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Notes of the Annual General Meeting held on 5 June (for information only as these have to be approved at next year's AGM)

3. Feedback from Street Scene walkabout (Tony Rich and Petra Reekers)
4. Feedback from Hilly Fields Fair (general discussion)

5. Town Centre Manager (general discussion)
· Update on Town Centre Manager petition
· Feedback from Town Centre Manager walkabout (Tony Rich, Petra Reekers, Robert Sheppard, Pat Mahoney)

6. Proposed working groups - co-ordination, membership, purpose/remit, timeframes and arrangements for reporting back to Committee for decision (general discussion with a view to reaching consensus)

7. Joining Voluntary Action Lewisham (for decision)

8. Events
· Dressington Avenue Fete 19 July (Decision on whether the Group should have a stall?)
· Proposed Ladywell events - Beer Festival and Christmas Market (for discussion)

9. Branding (Lara and Eleanor to bring forward proposals)

10. Website revamp (Lara, Eleanor and Pete to bring forward proposals)

11. Any Other Business

Please note that this meeting is open to the public


quartzy said...

I hear that the Ladywell Improvement Group has applied to make Ladywell a conservation area at the same time that council tenants in Ladywell were going to have double glazing, this is not the right time to apply for conservation and I urge the powers that be to withdraw the application to a later time. When we have our double glazing with the cost of fuel rising every year, we need to do all we can to protect our homes from loosing fuel and the government has given councils the money to do this. But someone in the Ladywell Society or the Ladywell Improvement Group has stopped this happening, maybe not intentionally but has stopped it non the less. I urge the people involved to withdraw the application until about September when all the homes will be done. You yourselves perhaps have double glazing and you have benefited from the warmth of it. Plus they look much nicer than the old and battered windows on the council properties.

Ladywell Village Improvement Group said...

Quartzy - I'm replying on behalf of LVIG. Certainly our group has not put in such an application and in fact this is not one of the areas we are currently looking in to.

While in the future we may comment on planning matters from time to time, our basic remit does not cover such things - we are here to improve the shopping offer in Ladywell Village and get local residents and shopkeepers involved in their own community.

However as our group is made up of interested local residents I will try and find an update for you on the conservation area proposal and post it here. A proposal for a conservation area can of course only be implemented by a local authority (ie Lewisham) and so I will start there.

I hope this clarifies what LVIG is about; do take a look at our constitution and the notes of our meetings on the homepage if you are interested in finding out more about the group.

Lara (communications officer)

rp said...

Dear Lara,

I'm surprised that you've said that LVIG's "basic remit does not cover such things - we are here to improve the shopping offer in Ladywell Village and get local residents and shopkeepers involved in their own community."

Has this changed as a result of something?

What about the proposed CPZ? What about the Adhesives Factory and the Playtower? All very relevant and perhaps more important than a "shopping offer" when that offer is already quite broad without the need for a community group.

Part of your constitution (below) makes a greater and broader claim:

(i) The enhancement and protection of the area known as ‘Ladywell Village’ (being broadly the area within 200 metres in all directions from the junction of Ladywell Road with Algernon Road) and, more specifically any matters connected with the existing and future:
retail vitality and mix;
community provision and public services streetscape and ‘public realm’.

Simon said...

I think Ladywell Village needs a focal point such as a fountain or well.
This could be situated right in the heart of the village and it would help to give the area more of an identity. Obviously the costs involved could be prohibitive but I think it's worth looking into.
Many people just drive through the village without realising they have actually been through Ladywell. Perhaps something like this could be a long term goal for the group?

Kate said...


I went to the first Ladywell Assembly Meeting in July which was a really informative and well organised meeting. The turn out was generally disappointing and I did notice that there were very few members of the LVIG committee present (I only actually saw the chair). Is there a plan for the LVIG committee to work with the assembly ? Many of the issues raised were exactly the same as those raised at the LVIG AGM and the assembly has a budget to help address them. The next meeting is in October.

rp said...

I know this seems to be the 'blog of death' but perhaps if shopping is to be the focus of LVIG a note upon the opening of 'Oscars' might be nice. OK, well, went in there and had a very hot cup of coffee - all seemed nice.

More shopping news passed up by the shopping conscious LVIG - perhaps the 'shopping offer' of second hand furniture instead of take-away food (Rio grill) could also be considered news.

Ladywell Village Improvement Group said...

Hello one and all,

sorry some feel this has been the blog of death - infact it quite nicely reflects how I've been feeling! Sorry for the lack of updates etc but I have been suffering from some foul bug and only recently been able to do anything constructive like reply.

So - a few things to respond to:

A focal point - a very good debate and one we should have. Where *is* Ladywell? Do we have enough signage? I don't know if an actual well is feasible - and in fact I believe the original Lady Well was further up Ladywell Road, away from the village, as there is a house with a plaque on it. But what do people think about signage to reflect the fact people are in Ladywell?

Ladywell Assembly meeting; indeed the Committee was represented (thanks Tony) and he provided an update for us at the July LVIG meeting (see the minutes we've just posted on the home page). The depleted Committee presence was somewhat due to two of them rather inconsiderately going off and getting married! Sorry about that.

And Oscars....fear not, we'll be putting out the flags on this one! Again it's partly due to illness and partly due to Petra, who owns it, having such a successful opening that we need to pin her down for an interview. Press coverage also coming.

Hope that helps?