Monday, 28 July 2008

Minutes from our latest meeting are here!

The minutes of the latest Ordinary Meeting of the Committee, held at 7.30pm on 16 July 2008, are now available here - just click on 'comments' below


Ladywell Village Improvement Group said...

Minutes of the latest meeting, held on 16 July:

Committee Members Present

Tony Rich, Deputy Chair and Treasurer (in the chair)
Lara Alden, Communications and Events Officer
Cynthia Lamptey, Secretary
Robert Sheppard, Deputy Secretary
Eleanor Thompson, Deputy Communications and Events Officer
Pete Thornton, Membership Officer

With 11 non-Committee members also in attendance

1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Tony Major (Chair), Ladywell Ward Councillors Sue Luxton, Ute Michel and Mike Keogh, Pat Mahoney and Simon Knightwood

2. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 5 June 2008

Tony Rich indicated that the Minutes of the AGM had been available for some weeks now on the LVIG blog site. Copies were available at the OCM. These would formally be agreed at the 2009 AGM and were on this agenda for information only. Most of the issues were picked-up elsewhere on the agenda anyway.

3. Feedback from street scene walkabout

Tony Rich reported back on a useful meeting with the Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Heidi Alexander, attended also by Alison Stone and Petra Reekers. Tony offered to make his detailed notes available on the LVIG blog/website.

Various issues were flagged-up by those present, including sinking/uneven tarmac on road (e.g. outside the launderette), the need for short stay parking where it was already happening on a de facto basis anyway, and a general reduction in the dominance/impact of traffic. It was also suggested that there was scope for giving the around Ladywell Station more of a community feel, possibly blurring the distinction between pavement and highway using new paving, perhaps cobbles?

Heidi Alexander mentioned that LBL are bidding for £250k for Ladywell, from Transport for London's Walking Programme. This £250k should the bid be successful could be available for Highway Improvements in Ladywell, £50k of which would be spent on a feasibility study. There was consensus that £50k was a large proportion of the £250k for a feasibility study given that residents already had some clear ideas on what improvements are needed.

Street Scene Working Group - see 6 below – to pursue

4. Feedback from Hilly Fields Fair

There was a brief discussion. It was felt that LVIG's participation, sharing a stall with Ladywell Society, had been a positive experience, with lots of public interest and more signatures collected for the Town Centre Manager petition

The discussion moved on to other possible events, during which consensus emerged about the desirability of having a Farmers Market in Ladywell. Cynthia Lamptey offered to pursue this and report back.

5. Town Centre Manager

Tony Rich reported back on the walkabout with Liz Bannister, one of the Council's Town Centre Managers, attended also by Pat Mahoney, Petra Reekers and Robert Sheppard. The walkabout had been very helpful, though this did not represent the formal allocation of a TCM to Ladywell, so the petition was still important.

In the meantime Liz Bannister undertook to help identify ownership of empty properties.

Tony offered to make his notes available.

6. Proposed Working Groups

There was discussion about the need to establish working groups to take forward particular aspects of the LVIG agenda. Memberships would be flexible and all would report back periodically to the Committee. The following three groups were established.

(i) Ladywell Playtower WG (to be co-ordinated by Tony Rich, with Max Calo and others)

Max Calo addressed the meeting, outlining his proposals for its use as a birthing centre. This would be considered by the WG alongside other ideas.

(ii) Events WG (to be co-ordinated by Lara Alden and Eleanor Thompson, with Angela Overington, Simon Cartlidge, David Montgomery (Ladywell Tavern) and others).

Immediately on the agenda, further to suggestions earlier at this meeting is a Farmers Market for Ladywell. Cynthia to contact Farmers Association for further details and report back to group for follow up. Tony Rich and David offered to pursue the Beer Festival idea

(iii) Streetscape WG (to be co-ordinated by Robert Sheppard, Lara Alden, Alison Stone, Jane Dickins and others. There was a consensus that further ‘greening’ would be an important part of further streetscape improvements

Anyone else interested in being involved should contact the relevant co-ordinator via the blog/website.

Additionally John Keidan volunteered to speak with the four businesses providing 'groceries' to raise awareness and establish links. Eleanor Thompson also expressed an interest in being involved in this.

7. Joining Voluntary Action Lewisham

It as agreed to join VAL at a cost of £6.00 p.a.

8. Events

It was noted that Dressington Avenue Fete, scheduled 19 July, had been cancelled. Other than this:

· Beer Festival – see 6 above
· Farmers/Christmas Market – see 6 above

9. Branding

It was noted that Lara and Eleanor, as the Communications and Events Officers, are working on a Communications Plan for the Group. The first step in this is for the Group to adopt a logo or branding, proposals for which were displayed at the meeting for people to express preferences. There was consensus around a simple arrow-ended street-sign design: Lara and Eleanor would now work up the proposal for early implementation.

10. Website revamp (

This has been 'revamped' to make it more user-friendly. Click buttons used to drop down text and more photos used.

We are aiming for it to be used widely by the community like the Brockley focused

11. Any Other Business

Response from Mayor Bullock

LVIG has received a response from Mayor Bullock in response to the Group's letter telling him that of LVIG's establishment. He has agreed to nominate a Council officer to liaise with the Group and has invited the Group to meet with him.

LVIG Finances

Eleanor noted a bank account had not been opened for the Group and the need to raise funds to manage the Group. Tony Rich advised that he will open a bank account for the Group. It was agreed that Fundraising should be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Station Noticeboard

It was suggested that it would be useful to have a Noticeboard somewhere in the Village to post notices of events, meetings etc. Tony and Cynthia advised there was a plan by Ladywell Society to have such a noticeboard at Ladywell Station jointly funded by Ladywell Society and LVIG

Next Committee meeting

It was noted that the next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 20 August, with the venue yet to be confirmed.

The meeting closed at 9.10pm

Subsequent to the meeting Cynthia contacted the Farmers Market Association and through them the London Farmers Market (who run the highly successful Blackheath Farmers market). They have now scheduled time to investigate the feasibility of having a market in the Ladywell area and hope to report back in the next few weeks. Any progress will be reported back to the Group.

Sue Luxton said...

Hi Lara/Pete
Congrats on your wedding! Can I suggest a couple of links for this blog: Honor Oak park Action Group - even newer than LVIG, would be worth making contact with them, also Friends of Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries. Also, any chance of a link to our Ladywell cllrs blog?
Best wishes


ksranji said...

Please reinstate yellow line in order to prevent cars parking near to the islands in Algernon road.

Sheonaidh said...

Might we really get a Farmers Market? That would be fantastic. I can't quite cope with making it up to Blackheath early enough but if I just had to stumble out the door I'd be there every week.