Sunday, 15 March 2009

Minutes from our February meeting

Click on 'comments' to read about February's meeting, which included a discussion on the action plan - ideas we're taking forwards this Spring.

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Ladywell Village Improvement Group said...

Committee Members Present

Tony Major, Chair
Tony Rich, Deputy Chair and Treasurer
Eleanor Thompson, Deputy Communications and Events Officer
Robert Sheppard, Deputy Secretary
Pete Thornton, Membership Officer

Others in attendance

Odile Blanchet
Nicola Dunn
Richard Foster
Peter Hamm
Sue-Anne Hepplethwaite
John Keidan
Bill Leigh
Cllr. Sue Luxton
Frances Rodgers
Sam Taft


Apologies for absence were received from Lara Alden, Cynthia Lamptey and Sian McLean.


Tony Rich summarised they key items in the Minutes for the benefit of those who had not seen them.

The Minutes were agreed as a correct record.


Tony Rich explained that this was an attempt to co-ordinate and take forward the various elements in the LVIG agenda, including some short, medium and longer-term objectives. In the short term LVIG would:

• build on the survey and business social/networking event at Oscars
• bid for funding from the £50K Mayor’s Fund for Ladywell Ward
• look for ways to establish a viable community shop
• continue to press the Council for better maintenance of the streetscape, improved drainage, removal of any unnecessary guardrailing etc.
• seek better parking arrangements for Ladywell Village, e.g. the provision of short stay parking bays, as part of the Council’s April consultation on controlled parking.

Those present discussed the Action Plan.

• It was suggested LVIG might bid for some Regeneration Officer time or pursue the ‘street makeover’ idea piloted by the Council a few years ago.
• Another suggestion was for a Summer event of some sort – a beer festival had previously been mentioned. Tony Rich mentioned that another benefit night at the Ladywell Tavern had been pencilled-in for 21 March.
• Robert suggested that LVIG should bid for £10-15,000 for a feasibility study: such a report would keep momentum going and provide a basis for future Council etc. funding bids.
• Tony Rich indicated that Council officers had undertaken a safety audit and a proposal for the removal of some guardrailing was being reported to Mayor and Cabinet.
• It was reported that the Council would imminently be taking action on the Nightwatch premises: works undertaken would be recharged to the owners.
• It was suggested that some visual improvement might be considered for empty premises – perhaps drop-down window banners, or false facades?
• Several present flagged–up the poor quality of utility company remedial works: Sue regretted that the Council could not chase this up until six months after completion of the work in each case.
• It was agreed that the Council should be asked to pursue the possibility of temporary short stay parking on the vacant site west of the Malyons Road junction.
• It was reported that a small Thames Water manhole cover was missing outside the Food and Wine shop.
• Robert suggested that more could be done to develop the e-mailing network which at present included only 70 people. A more active attempt should be made to link-up with residents associations and with individuals supportive of the LVIG agenda.
• Eleanor suggested a more structured approach to engaging with businesses. The social/networking event at Oscars had been a great success. A next step might be development of a support network or forum, to develop business confidence and enable them to share skills and experience. Perhaps there could be a quarterly networking event. LVIG members too might have skills to offer. Much depended on finding out the needs and aspirations of local businesses. Eleanor volunteered to take a lead, with Sian, on her return from holiday in mid-March. There was some consensus that the LVIG blogspot might be improved/developed as part of this.
• Sue indicated that more ‘Shop local in Ladywell’ bags would be available from April: distribution and sale was being co-ordinated by Em in the dry cleaners. She also mentioned the ‘carrot mob’ concept whereby local businesses were given trade in return for them taking specific ‘green’ actions.

The Committee indicated it would move to finalise and progress the Action Plan. This would be a standing item on future agendas.


Tony Rich outlined the Council’s current thinking/hopes for a major facility for young people at this site, though this remained largely dependent on a successful external funding bid. He showed on a laptop the outline plans, which were broadly welcomed by those present.


Tony indicated that a bank account had now been opened and the balance was £630.00.


There was no further discussion on this as this had been covered at various places elsewhere on the agenda.



The meeting closed 9.10pm

Next Ordinary Committee Meeting – 18 March 2009 at the St.Mary’s Centre, Ladywell Road