Thursday, 16 April 2009

Please support LVIG's objectives at the Ladywell Assembly, Monday 20 April

The Ladywell Assembly will next meet on Monday 20 April (7.00-9.00pm at Prendergast School lower site) to develop an action plan for its priorities. It will also look at ideas for ways to spend the £50K Mayor's Fund for Ladywell and the £10K Localities Fund for 2009/10.

Please join us at the Assembly and join the debate and decision making! Click on "comments" for further information about the Assembly meeting and LVIG's ideas for funding community projects.


LVIG said...

The Ladywell Assembly is a way to make your voice heard in Ladywell, find out what is going on in your area and work with members of the community on plans to improve the neighbourhood. In October 2008 the Assembly voted on the top five priorities for the ward:

Local shops
Streetscape and environment
Lack of youth and community facilities
Anti-social behaviour and crime
The Playtower

LVIG has already successfully applied for and been awarded funding towards the Christmas Market last December and the forthcoming community planting day from the Localities Fund. LVIG will be promoting its ideas of a community fruit and veg shop, developing a strategy for improvements to the streetscape and local events such as another Christmas Market.

What happens on 20 April?
The Assembly will look at what it has achieved so far and hear about work in progress. The Assembly will explore further how to spend the Mayor's Fund, which has to be spent on our ward priorities. Decisions on how it is allocated will rest with the Assembly. The proposals will then go to the council’s Mayor & Cabinet for final approval. This Assembly will decide on the schedule and the framework for spending these funds.

Pablo said...

This is a good idea. LVIG sounds great. Not many comments - maybe it's early days. Ladywell could do with a sprucing up.