Monday, 14 March 2011

Sign LVIG's empty property petition

Please click on to sign our petition which reads: " We, the undersigned, petition the Council to take urgent, concerted and robust action (i) to compel and encourage the owners of vacant/unoccupied retail and residential premises in Ladywell Village to bring these back into use; and (ii) where a letting isn't possible for any reason, to keep the premises in a reasonable state of repair, especially where visible from the public highway (e.g. the especially prominent and poorly maintained empty flats above Coral bookmakers). We seek this in order conclusively to reverse the decline of Ladywell Village as a local retail centre and to foster a greater sense of local pride in the area, which the Council only last year designated as a Conservation Area."


Adele said...

This is another issue, but I wasn't sure where else to comment/contact. The lovely old street lights on Malyons Road are being removed and replaced with new lights, the residents have not been consulted about this and it seems to be going ahead right now. I tried contacting the council, but didn't really get anywhere. Does anyone have any information about this and have any idea of what we can do?

Geoffrey said...

Apparently there's a 25yr PFI tie-up with Croydon to replace every street light in the borough. Perhaps the work in Malyons Road is part of this. Perhaps our ward councillors can pursue this one as some Council officers resent the involvement of the community.