Monday, 28 March 2011

Community efforts get Planters ready for Spring!

Volunteers came out on Sunday to get the Ladywell Village planters ready for Spring.  Many seem to think these are a Council responsibility, but they're not - these eight planters are stocked and maintained by you and I, the local community.  Yesterday the planter outside the tattoo shop - which was vandalised in February - was repaired, refilled and restocked.  The other planters were tidied up and a few other plants added.  Over the next few months the plants should thicken up and more will bloom.   Looking after the planters takes ongoing effort, however, and the lack of any easily accessible water supply is a problem, so our Ward Councillors have been enlisted to see if the Council might help find a solution.  In the meantime please do feel free to wander along with a watering can!
Robert Sheppard 

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Geoffrey said...

Lovely tulips!!