Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Will the DLR come to Ladywell?

  The Mayor of London and Transport for London are drawing up plans for the development of London’s transport network, including further extensions of the Docklands Light Railway system to the east and south east. A map of the possible extensions on the TfL website shows the line from Lewisham being extended south to Ladywell. Catford and Forest Hill. Clearly it is just an idea at the moment – there’s no detailed planning and no funding set aside. But it might just suggest that London’s planners are waking up to the potential of one of south east London’s hidden gems. Good news? What do you think?


Geoffrey said...

As you say, no detailed planning yet, but how will the DLR get to Ladywell and beyond? With the increased pace of development in Lewisham Centre, perhaps one way would be where SE Trains now runs; or perhaps parallel to those lines, then across Ladywell Fields to Catford (what's/where's the station in between Ladywell and Catford?). (Pity about the £1M+ spent on improvements). And would it mean that the Catford Greyhound Stadium site is not developed until a route decision has been taken?

Ali P said...

Has there been any development on this? - or is it a victim of the cuts? Is there anyone we could be lobbying to help this along?