Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Chicken tonight?

A planning application has been submitted for a new shopfront and canopy for 222 Algernon Rd – the old off licence. The drawings, by Project Design Consultants, suggest the shop unit will indeed be turned into a cut-price fried chicken takeaway outlet named – wait for it – Chicken Delight!  Does Ladywell really need this? Isn’t it time for Lewisham council to take a tougher approach to the proliferation of takeaway outlets on our high local streets?


Anonymous said...

As mentioned on another post - I'd sign a petition against such a shop opening in the area. I think it may be too late however.

I know that there is the power to do this, but I haven't a clue where to start. I've seen & heard such things in East Dulwich where basically they pretition against 'chain' companies or non-desirable shops to encourage new business, variation and growth in the area.

There must be someone in the council who can take this forward? Such a shame for the area. Was looking forward to more varied & independent shops opening. This isn't varied at all. The wonderful fish & chip shop on Ladywell Road already does fried chicken and also amazing fish and chips! Takes business from them too.

Robert Sheppard said...

Does the fact that this is now a Conservation Area require higher design standards? If so can we not prevent another illuminated box sign (if indeed that's what they're proposing) and require instead something that's more sympathetic with the building?

Geoffrey said...

The Ladywell Society submitted comments before the 9th May deadline about the colour scheme, which the applicant described as "to match existing" - even refering to green (no where to be seen!). The application also mentioned a "canopy", although there was no evidence of this in the elevation submitted. The yellow fixed canopy on the newsagent was installed before the Conservation Area was instigated, so should not act as a "precedent". (Planning Officers always insist that precedents don't exist as each application is viewed on its own merits!).
Change of use from shop to hot food takeway was granted over a year ago, despite objections from the Ladywell Society and the ward councillors in post at the time. As there is no "statutory" limit to the number or percentage of takeways in a local shopping parade (which is what Ladywell is) the planning committee would have had difficulty in refusing permission for the change of use - officers always remind councillors of the cost of defending the decision against an appeal by an applicant.

Simon said...

Totally agree with Anonymous. The area simply does not need another takeaway. The Fish and Chip shop is brilliant and already caters for the fried chicken brigade. I would sign a petition against this tomorrow! I don't feel like chicken tonight or any night or any day for that matter!

Anonymous said...

No more takeaways please. Before we got the wonderful El's that site had been a chicken and chips place (prior to it becoming Yes) and that didn't survive so why open another one.