Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ladywell Station ticket office longlisted for closure

Ladywell ticket office may be closed if recommendations made to the Government get the go-ahead.  'The Telegraph' reports that "Sir Roy McNulty, who was called in to advise the Government how the rail industry could be more efficient, has recommended removing staff from 675 stations" and Ladywell, Crofton Park and St.Johns are all on the list.  "The 'hit list' of stations was buried in the small print of the McNulty report, which was presented to Philip Hammond, the Transport Secretary, in May."  See for more information.  Closing ticket offices at less-used stations could help cut £1 billion a year from the industry's running costs.
Robert Sheppard

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malyonite christian said...

Does anyone know if the above is in any way connected to the present work being carried out adjacent to the platform, just south of Ladywell Station?

It looks like an alternative entrance is being constructed from Malyons Road to the platform.

Anyone in the know out there?