Friday, 9 September 2011

Two key diary dates this month

At 7.00pm on Thursday 22 September the Ladywell Assembly will meet at St.Andrew's Church on Brockley Road.  This is the meeting at which bids to the Mayor's Fund will be presented and voted upon so WE NEED MAXIMUM TURNOUT TO SUPPORT OUR LVIG BID for £6,000 to provide 8 attractive and robust planters to replace the current ones which are now tatty and falling apart.  These new planters have been chosen to compliment the streetscape improvements we're expecting the Council to start next Spring.
At 7.30pm on Wednesday 28 September, the following week, LVIG will hold its Annual General Meeting at which all seven Committee posts will be up for grabs.  Please email for a nomination form.  In addition we'll have a presentation on neighbourhood plans (part of the Government's 'localism' agenda) from a resident who was involved in one of the 'pilots' in Bermondsey, plus a discussion on the 2011 Ladywell Christmas Market and the need for 'new blood' to deliver this over the next few months.
Robert Sheppard


Geoffrey said...

Has a meeting place been decided for the AGM?

Robert Sheppard said...

Still awaiting confirmation from the St.Mary's Centre - they're hard to find/contact at times!