Thursday, 19 January 2012

A new chapter begins for the Ladywell 'Playtower'

The Ladywell Baths (aka 'The Playtower'), then and now
Council and English Heritage monies have now been earmarked to weatherproof the building and start to bring it back into use.  The work is scheduled to start in March and will include refurbishment of the 'superintendant’s flat' to allow it to be occupied, thus improving the overall security of the site.
A Charitable Trust has been established which will oversee the refurbishment of the building and long-term use as a community hub comprising voluntary sector offices, space for community activities and a café.  The Trust is currently applying for funding to take the project forward and this will include full consultation with local people on the type of community activities that could take place in the hall (formerly the main pool).
If you have ideas or might be interested in getting involved, please email with an explanation of your ideas and/or interest.
Tony Rich


Pete said...

Congratulations Tony, again you and everyone at LVIG who have been involved in this (and others outside LVIG too) have really achieved something.

This and the streetscape changes are two things that you can all be really proud of.

JJ said...

James Jennings writes today on the Brockley Central blogspot

Hello all,
Just to inform everybody that I am the Chair of the Trust which is leading on plans on bringing the Playtower back into use. A lot of work is going on at the moment (the Trust is now a charity), particularly scoping work on potential usages of the building. The community in Ladywell and Lewisham Central wards as well as the wider borough (where the building is located) will be consulted on potential usages. I have to be honest in that it is very much a long term project but I am and fellow trustees/directors extremely committed to getting the building open and available to the community.
If you are interested in the project, there is a yahoo group site with information Last year I spoke to the Ladywell Village Improvement Group and Ladywell Society and I am hoping to do the same this year. I'm happy to come to other groups and organisations in the area and inform them on what is going on. I will also make updates on my twitter feed.
There will be many opportunities for people to participate in the project both passively and actively.

Kind regards,

James Jennings
Ladywell Tower Development Trust

Rob said...

I look forward to some volunteer sessions this Spring/Summer to tidy up the site esp. front area and maybe plant a nice garden.

Anonymous said...

I assumed the garden would be left until most of the building work had been done, but am keen to get involved with that when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that something is finally happening with this building. I'd hate to see it go the way of the glue factory.
I confess I've only just become aware of this initiative.
One thought I had was that, if it is safe enough, and I suspect that's a big if, it might be a good idea to have a guided open day of the building to increase local awareness. Just a thought, John, Algernon Road