Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Traveller Site decision deferred to 15 February

Council officers have confirmed that the decision on whether or not the Council's new Traveller Site is to be located at Church Grove, Ladywell (pictured) will be taken by Mayor Sir Steve Bullock on Weds 15 February.  The public report on which the decision will be based should be available for public inspection on Tues 7 February.


Anonymous said...

The delay appears to be in order to consider independent reports on access. You can read two reports commissioned by residents on the website
Links are on the homepage.

Anonymous said...

The obvious conclusion from this is that labour can not be trusted with anything at all.

Please people take note at the next election and return a Green or an independent.

I am sympathetic to travellers needing places to stay, however that should not be to the detrement of others and or in urban settings.

I also believe that there is a duty on travellers to be realistic about what local communities and councils should fork out so they can maintain what has become a costly bohemian lifestyle.

Should the money raised by the council from poor pensioners be used to maintain travellers lifestyles or the pensioners themselves?

Fiona McDonald