Saturday, 14 December 2013

Streetworks Update from Conway (13 Dec 2013)

Over the last week we have completed the majority of the paving works in the scheme. We have completed all the entry treatment construction works and now have two small areas of paving to fully complete the scheme.  I would like to take this opportunity for your understanding and patience during these works and hope you feel, as I do that the end result has enhanced the Ladywell area.  Over the next week we will be completing the following works with areas of remedial works being undertaken in the week after Christmas.
·                     Completion of surfacing works in Gillian Street.
·                     Continuation of paving works to jct of Gillian Street junction.
Monday Onwards
·                     Surfacing of reconstruction area of Railway Terrace
·                     Installation of Kerbs Railway Terrace
Tuesday Onwards
·                     Excavation of footway Railway Terrace
·                     Completion of paving at junction with Gillian Street
·                     Installation of road humps in Phoebeth and Francemary Roads
·                     Excavation of footway in railway terrace and base works
Thursday Onwards
·                     Installation of drainage Railway Terrace
·                     Start of paving Railway Terrace
If you have any queries please contact the Contract Manager, Andy Frostick 07748 6329531


Anonymous said...

You have forgotten to mention the pavement outside the post office, flower shop and barber on Algernon Road.

It's only half finished, and looks terrible, worse than before you started.

LVIG said...

This is Conway's update for the next week and it doesn't appear that bit of repaving work is scheduled for the next 5 days - so one can only assume that'll be done in the New Year.