Friday, 24 January 2014

Ladywell Village - the Achievements, and the Challenges for 2014

Some things looking good . . .
Clean, wide, well-drained pavements - with 'traditional' benches

Plenty of short-stay bays (signs yet to be erected)

Despite appearances these flats are almost ready for occupation we hear - just the windows to do . . .

One 'missing tooth' in the Ladywell smile - at the junction of Ladywell Road with Malyons Road.  A few family houses would be a nice addition, but a supermarket is more likely.

A nice business opportunity for someone, but El's Kitchen will be a hard act to follow!

But some eyesores still to be tackled . . .
Highly visible on the corner of Gillian Street, but in a sorry state
A garish jumble of signs and window stickers
Shopfronts that make no contribution to the streetscape
And some enforcement issues to be addressed . . .

Trolley outside the newsagent on Algernon Road

Bins left on the pavement day after day


Anonymous said...

One important thing for Ladywell this year will be to elect some Councillors prepared work hard for and back local people's efforts. The Labour bunch we've had for the last 4 years are a well-meaning bunch but a great disappointment after the high profile and hyperactivity of the Greens who were so cruelly thrown out.

val said...

Blame People Before Profit for dividing the vote. They did not bother to take much part in local politics except their own narrow focus - on things just outside the Ward.

As for a supermarket - why? I can imagine the existing one must struggle. Are Tesco's after another "Express"? Please, no!

Geoffrey said...

Hello Val
A planning application for a mini-supermarket with flats above and underground car parking failed to be renewed.
As you know, competition issues are not a planning consideration, but viability of the local shopping parade could be, if a new application comes forward.
Re: the former launderette (now a sort-of office)planning permission for a cramped bedsit at the back of it has been refused; but whether enforcement will happen is another matter.

Anonymous said...

Don't quite understand the problem with the people of Ladywell having the chance to choose a party that campaigns for really important issues like Lewisham hospital, saving council houses from sell off, opposing the bedroom tax.... These things affect people in Ladywell..
Should we choose parties that don't deliver just so we don't "split the vote". Come on Val why not open your mind and encourage everyone to think about what is important and vote accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Ladywell looks brilliant now and in spring and summer it will really come into its own. Leaves on the trees, bikes on the racks, people relaxing outside the Tavern and Le Delice, picnics on Hilly Fields, football on Ladywell Fields, hopefully a new deli and a strong sense of community pride. Definitely lots to look forward to and be positive about. A big thank you to those who played any part in making the transformation happen.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ladywell looks brilliant and I too look forward to enjoy it even more in the summer.

On the negative side, not only I would like to see the wheelie bins off the pavement but I wonder if it is planned to replace the rather ugly open top Lewisham street bins for some smarter and fox proof ones?

Simon said...

That was a lot of annoyance for little benefit. Do people come to Ladywell and say 'what lovely paving'? Or 'Thank goodness we can park next to a chicken shop'? Or 'Great, the Tavern has raised its prices above West End levels'? Or 'Good, Els has gone'? Or 'Oh great. Now I can sit on one of two benches facing shops that have been closed for years. Perhaps something great will happen if I sit here long enough'?

Don't get me wrong. I love Ladywell and I am glad people cared enough to press for change. But where is our USP? What do we really want on the Malyons Road corner? I really hope we have done chicken shops and supermarkets to death, nice as all those here already may be. What do we want people to use the new parking spaces to stop for? The retail shops are small and not big enough to house something for folk from all over the capital to come here. We need a vision.

Simon said...

And BTW, if the political parties want to bicker about it, inspire local people into a real discussion and vision, or shut up.

Anonymous said...

For a bit of inspiration, look at this article below. Leyton had a makeover before the Olympics.

There's no reason why Ladywell couldn't undergo the same kind of transformation if enough of us get together to organise it. Obviously funding is the main issue, but as the street improvements have shown, money CAN be found with enough will. If we wait for the council or another body to take action, we'll be waiting for years. This kind of transformation needs to be driven by the residents and could be something that the LVIG focus on in the coming year or so.

The street scape improvements are great, but when you decorate a house, you don't just buy a new carpet- there's a lot more to do in Ladywell, but it's all very doable!!!

This article mentions 'Unsightly satellite dishes have been moved, and the mass of burglar alarms and CCTV cameras on the walls above each shop has been tidied up.' We could do that at very little expense, and it would be a move in the right direction.

val said...

Anonymous 25th Jan - Without your having the guts to give your name, I can't tell if you ever even go to the Ladywell assemblies.

Simon, I've worked as a volunteer co-ordinator since their inception, initially with Greens, who were extremely hard-working and conscientious. They really deserved to be re-elected on their record. I now work with the Labour councillors, who are very nice people, but despite being a natural labour voter in the old days, and a party member, I haven't been a member of any party for nearly 40 years. A debate could be had if people would bother to come to the assemblies - especially People Before Profit supporters. I'll be at the next one. Will you?

And Geoffrey, thanks for the information. Well-informed and knowledgable as ever.