Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Council refuses permission for metal shed taxi office

Belated news . . . in April the Council’s planners refused permission for the construction of a metal shed in the alley adjacent to the Fish Bar, 52 Ladywell Road, for use as a taxi office.  In its refusal letter the Council cites the following grounds for refusal (both issues of concern highlighted by LVIG in its objection to the application):
“The proposed use as a mini cab office would give rise to parking congestion and would be likely to occupy parking spaces intended for shoppers, which would compromise the viability of the local shopping parade . . .” and 
“The proposed metal container, by virtue of its design and siting would detract from the appearance of the property and the street scene and would fail to enhance or preserve the appearance of this part of the Ladywell Conservation Area . . .”

You can find full details on this application, and read the refusal letter, here.
LVIG welcomes this signal that planning applications within the Ladywell Conservation Area will be expected to contribute to, and not detract from, the streetscape.
Robert Sheppard, LVIG Secretary

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