Friday, 11 July 2014

Future use of 10-14 Mercy Terrace, Ladywell - Opportunity to comment

Local organisations and amenity groups have been approached by Goldcrest Architects who are  inviting local people to a drop-in session at which people can to view their proposals to redevelop the redundant warehouse building at 10-14 Mercy Terrace.
The invitation comes from Daniel Francis (Email and Freephone 0800 4586976) who writes "Before a planning application is submitted to the London Borough of Lewisham, we would like as many people . . . . as possible to see the proposals and meet the project team.
Goldcrest Architects proposals includes flexible office space for small and medium businesses on the ground floor with high quality student accommodation above, contributing to a wider mix of accommodation that is compatible with and will support local businesses in the existing shopping parade.
The drop in session will be held on Wednesday 23rd July from 2pm to 8pm at the St. Mary’s Centre, Ladywell Road, SE13 7UW.
If you are unable to attend the drop in session, we would be pleased to meet with you and brief you on the proposals at a time of your convenience."
If you would like more information you can email or call the freephone number above.
You can find some photos of the current building here.
Robert Sheppard, LVIG Secretary


Anonymous said...

Lewisham Council - they won't listen. Just look at their response to concern about the Adhesive Factory.

Barry said...

More rabbit hutch flats needed

Longtime Ladywell Resident said...

Concern about the Adhesive Factory? Do you mean Adhesive Specialities? If so, local views were somewhat split about that - and the building didn't have enough architectural merit to save it. Having said that it is true that LB Lewisham don't set the highest standards when it comes to planning and as a result the area is packed with characterless blocks that we'll all be desperately keen to knock down in 50 years time.

val said...

I just don't get how people keep voting Bollocks back (sorry, my mother was a Bullock, that name is special to me and I can't bear using it for him).

Geoffrey said...

The Council did what it could to save the Adhesive Specialities building: it locally-listed it, and extended the St. Mary's Conservation Area to include it. The planning application to demolish and build were twice rejected by the Council and once by the Government's Planning Inspectorate on appeal. The second appeal was allowed by another Planning Inspector. English Heritage refused to give the building national listing because it was not genuinely Art-Deco, but did not accept that the original villa was enclosed in the newer building.

Geoffrey said...

Several people asking questions when I was there. The architect appears willing to give a presentation to The Ladywell Society when plans are a bit further forward. Hopefully LVIG and ARRA members will be able to join in as well. I'll keep you posted.

Mike Keogh said...

Mike J J Keogh - Goldcrest ( are coming to show The Ladywell Society their latest plans on Tuesday 3 Feb at 7:45 in the Old Waiting Room (park/down side), Ladywell Station, entry by Ladywell Fields. All welcome.