Monday, 6 July 2015

Peabody consults on Carpet Corner Plans

Peabody Housing Association is currently consulting on its plans for the Carpet Corner site at the junction of Ladywell Road and Wearside Road.

Robert Sheppard

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Joe O'Donnell said...

I sent the comments below:

While brick would work well I am concerned about the use of dark bricks as they are not used elsewhere within the conservation area or elsewhere locally. A large expanse of dark bricks would have a negative impact on the setting of the nearby listed buildings and other heritage assets. It would also mean the building would look quite gloomy and vie for attention with the listed buildings. Use of stock brick and red brick as in the surrounding buildings would reduce that effect.

My other concern is the ground floor Lady well road facade. This seems to be extremely low especially compared to the shopfronts on the other side of Wearside road. This should be of the same height for a cohesive street scene. The current street level facade doesn't really work. Given that there does not seem to be any outside space separating the flat's Windows from the pavement this space would work better as a shop or office.

If not a piece of art or mosaic announcing ladywell village on this wall would be amazing. The Council took down the street sign years ago and havent put it up again.