Monday, 6 July 2015

Two die in Ladywell Fire

The London Fire Brigade reports that two people have died in a fire this morning at the disused garages site at the corner of Malyons/Ladywell Roads.  The LFB website says:

Firefighters attended a fire at a row of eight garages on Malyons Road in Ladywell, this morning.
One man left before the arrival of the Brigade and was treated for smoke inhalation by London Ambulance Service, before being taken to hospital. Sadly two other people were pronounced dead at the scene.
Most of the garage was damaged in the blaze and a gas cylinder that was inside the garage was cooled down by crews.
Firefighters from Greenwich and Lewisham fire stations attended the incident.
The Brigade was called at 08.28 and the fire was quickly under control.  The incident was over at 10.29.
Robert Sheppard


Anonymous said...

why has this ugly and dangerous site been left abandoned for years and what can local people do to Make Lewisham council act to force the site owners do something.
Gas cylinders are being stored in the garages, plus Drug users, piles of rubbish and rats. All this next to a bus stoclose to a nursery.

Jon G said...

This site is a terrible eye sore and clearly very dangerous. It seems unbelievable that there is nothing the Council can do to make the owners sell it or clear it up. Much public money has been spent to improve Ladywell Village and yet this dangerous eyesore is allowed to remain in the middle of the village. Who ownes it? Why are gas cylinders being stored there surely this is a risk to everybody walking passed and living around the site and using the bus stop next to the site. This site could be used to house people and create employment. Private landowners should not be allowed to waste such valuable assets and blight an entire neighbourhood.

Oli said...

I am trying to get in touch with someone at Lewisham to find out who is responsible for dealing with this.

When I find out I shall let you and Brockley Central know, as this unacceptable situation has gone on too long and some community pressure is now required.

Jon said...

I have contacted our local councilors, our New MP Vicky Foxcroft and the Chair of the Ladywell Society. It seems that a planning application was put in and rejected about 5 years ago and since then the land owners have been sitting on the site. I have spoken to a number of local bussiness owners, who all seem to have clear ideas about who ownes the site!

We all need to put pressure on Lewisham Council to use thier powers to resolve this situation before there is another incident and more people are killed or injured. If there is no news by the time of the next Ladywell Forum we should ensure this issue is placed high on the agenda and Lewisham Councilors and Senior Officers are present to explain what they intend to do to resolve this situation.