Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Be streetwise - back the plan!

The Ladywell Streetscape Action Plan aims to revive the High Street and act as a catalyst for further improvements to the neighbourhood. It aims to promote the interests of pedestrians and cyclists as well as drivers, create a commercial area that caters for the needs of business owners, shoppers, children and those with disabilities, and improve the environmental quality and economic viability of the area. The plan, which has the overwhelming backing of local residents, councillors and shop owners, is now under discussion by the council for inclusion in its transport plans for next year. Your support can help make it happen. See a copy of the Ladywell Report. Click here Be patient the link is a bit slow!

Sign the petition online at http://lewisham-consult.limehouse.co.uk/portal/petitions/mr_r_p_sheppard_1 or in one of your local shops!!

It's important. The council will take its final decision at the end of September.

Here are 10 reasons why you should support LVIG’s streetscape action plan:

It aims to make the street an attractive and safe place for people of all ages and abilities.
It will help improve the quality of the street, boosting trade and encouraging investment in local businesses
It caters for the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers and users of public transport
It will create wider pavements and parking/loading bays for shop deliveries and shoppers
Wider pavements will offer more seating for local people
It will reduce traffic speeds by narrowing the road and creating a raised “table” at the main junction
Reduced traffic speeds will cut noise and improve safety and air quality
It will introduce more trees and better street signage and furniture
It will improve the strategic Waterlink Way cycle route by providing a proper connection
across Ladywell Rd
Above all it will encourage local residents to walk to the shops and local schools rather than drive, generating health and environmental benefits for the whole community. TonyM


lb said...

How about a petition against your proposals, since they'll clearly create a danger to cyclists (eliminating the limited room they have) and hinder traffic turning into Vicars Hill? The 484 buses already have very tight clearances on that turning.

The argument that it will "reduce traffic speeds" is largely academic as traffic is nearly at a standstill in that area on many weeknights - a problem reducing the road width will only exacerbate.

Pete said...

Yes lb traffic is often at a standstill. But at other times people drive over the bridge like they're in a rally.

As I've said over on Brockley Central the lady that put these proposals together is a cyclist.

Lara, LVIG said...

We'd really encorage everyone to read Shape's report and the section on consultation in particular. There you'll see both the stakeholder and local consultation results, including the endorsement from various professional cycling groups.

The proposals have been worked up with significat attention to pedestrians and cyclists so do take a look at Shape's report.

Geoffrey said...

I tried to read the document online, but it was interspersed with ads and a bouncing "control" bar - very difficult. So I tried to download the document....but I had to sign in and give all my details to something called Sribd? So I didn't. Isn't there a more straightforward way, such as a link to a pdf file (is that more straightforward?) Sorry Tony!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. I'm a trainee reporter working on behalf of the South london Press, I'm just sitting in Oscar's coffee shop reading your notice.
If anyone would be around to have a chat about the group, please send me an email to kayleigh.press@gmail(dot)com.

Robert Sheppard said...

Geoffrey and others,

The Streetscape Study is available as a pdf if you go to the Council's petition site http://lewisham-consult.limehouse.co.uk/portal/petitions/mr_r_p_sheppard_1 then click on the tab that says 'supporting documents'


Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you