Thursday, 2 September 2010

Is it a Tesco, a Co-op - or just rumour?

Rumours are rife that a supermarket chain is looking to set up shop in Ladywell’s high street. It seems the renewed bout of speculation has been triggered by the application for an extension of planning permission on the site at the corner of Malyons Rd-Ladywell Rd. People have “been told” or “have heard” that a franchised Costcutter or Tesco Express . . . perhaps a Co-op outlet is planned. At the moment LVIG has no idea what is going on although we are seeking clarification from people in the corridors of power. What we do know is that the owners of the site are seeking a renewal of planning permission for the construction of a four storey block plus basement that would include nine flats plus a maisonette and a ground floor retail unit (see illustration).
But the owner of the site may have problems. The Ladywell Society tells me that under new London planning laws any new residential block of 10 or more units must include affordable housing. It is not clear that the proposed development does. The society also points out that the proposed building is higher than any other in Ladywell Rd and is to be built up to the pavement rather than in line with adjacent buildings – the cottages and the Tavern. It has objected to the application. No date has yet been set for a committee hearing on the planning application.
But what if a supermarket chain did move into the high street? Would you be opposed to it because it could threaten independent retailers and may lead to more empty shops? Or would you welcome it as a sign of Ladywell’s revival? Tell LVIG what you think. Add a comment Tony Major


David Lawrenson said...

One day everyone could work for Tesco!
The way the big supermarkets say how many jobs they have created (whilst forgetting to tell us how many jobs were lost in the shops that closed down nearby) is rather amusing I always think.
The big supermarkets really have destroyed local rows of shops and helped to kill off local pubs with cheap booze sales too - so there goes the community.
And we, as a nation appear to have just sat back and watched it happen.

Peter Tooke said...

I detest Tesco etc. and hope this doesn't happen BUT unfortunately, as far as Ladywell is concerned, the existing grocery shops will have brought this upon themselves as they are shabby, cluttered and pricey - whereas a Tesco will invariably be bright and clean.

Anonymous said...

A few months back I spoke to the estate agent who used to manage the site and he said that the owners wanted to put a Costcutter there. I think a Costcutter selling the range that the one on Brockley Road manages would be a positive thing for Ladywell Road, and there's a world of difference between a franchise like Costcutter and a multinational like TESCO. Would like to see improved plans though, to address Ladywell Soc's concerns and include some social housing. As it is, Mayill sticks out like a sore thumb on the road.

Councillor Vincent Davis said...

The application is brought by a company called McAleer Projects, through an agent called Eurohaus Ltd, who so far as my researches can discover, are importers of quality european bathroomware!
I have made enquiries of planning officers, and they know of no involvement in this scheme from TESCO.
I am also advised that the applicant applied too late to renew the existing planning permission and will therefore have to apply for new planning permission taking into account changes in planning policy such as requirements for 20% C02 reductions from renewable energy, affordable housing for schemes of 10 units or more, and the area's conservation area status.

nanto said...

The familiar knee-jerk reaction when news flies around that a big brand supermarket is coming to a small high street, is the familiar one of local shops being 'destroyed'. The reality is that the local shops we have at present, are badly organised, dirty over priced and the customer service is poor. They are 'killing' themselves off by not investing in their businesses, and failing to respond to the changing nature of the Ladywell community. A shiny new alternative is appealing, I would welcome a new local store, but would prefer it to be a CO-OP.

Pete said...

I wouldn't cry too many tears if TESCO came and it killed off our local to Ladywell grocery stores which as has already been mentioned sell pretty poor quality stock.

I would probably prefer a Co-Op or even an independent supermarket that was run by someone with the money to develop it into something clean and attractive with a decent range of produce.

Other non food shops could benefit from such a shop as it would have the effect of improving footfall in Ladywell.

Anonymous said...

It's good news that they need to submit a new planning application - LBL has a second chance to get something that will improve rather than detract from the shopping parade.