Friday, 3 September 2010

School plans approved

Lewisham’s planning committee has given the go-ahead for the rebuilding of Gordonbrock School and the redevelopment of Prendergast School’s Adelaide Ave site. Work on rebuilding the 109-year-old Gordonbrock primary will now start early next year with the school decanting to another site, Greenvale, in January.
The Gordonbrock application had been hotly contested by the Brockley Society which argued the old buildings should be refurbished as they add character to the area. But the society,which successfully delayed building work earlier this year after being granted a court injunction, has now made clear it will not make a further attempt to derail the plans.
Two of Gordonbrock’s four Edwardian buildings will now be demolished and replaced with something a little more modern. The new buildings should have bigger classrooms, better facilities and indoor toilets. But after representations by BrocSoc, efforts will be made to preserve “interesting parts” of the old buildings.
The Prendergast plans will include redevelopment of the Adelaide Ave site, refurbishment work at the Hilly Fields site and a two-storey temporary building for classrooms while the work goes on.
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Tony Major


Peter Tooke said...

Good to see that our children's future is taking precedence over the retention at all costs, on restricted sites, of Victorian/Edwardian - but not particularly unique or special - bricks and mortar. In my book 'old' should not equate to 'must be saved at all costs'. Let's have some balance in these things, eh?

Sue said...

Good news. Do you know if Hilly Fields Users group managed to get the conditions they were after included in the Prendergast app?

Geoffrey said...

Hello Sue, I think there were two applications regarding the Hilly Fields site. The one passed a few weeks ago related to the installation of temporary classrooms on Hilly Fields. The one last Thursday night was more about the Adelaide Avenue site. I hope I managed to get a condition added about a means of protecting the wall of the Ladywell Cemetery during construction work - the only entrance for lorries and plant on to the site is through the Ivy Road gate. The presenting planning officer did say that Condition 6 required some form of construction plan prior to work commencing, so hopefully that will be included. Having seen the hole knocked in the garden wall of Ladywell House on Ladywell Road during construction behind the old police station, I wanted to at least alert planning officers to the danger.

It's a pity that the inexperience of the majority of councillors at the meeting in both meeting procedure and planning matters led to a bit of a procedural shambles. Not good for a quasi-legal committee, and could lead to legal challenges of the decisions.

Anonymous said...

This is not yet over. Broc Soc may not put in a Judicial Review as they did so brutally earlier this year. But I bet they know someone who will.