Saturday, 21 August 2010

Cuts, cuts and more cuts

Big reductions in government funding will mean Lewisham council has to cut spending by £60m over the next three years. That's a huge chunk of funding. The council has stressed that this level of saving cannot be achieved by simply cutting out waste and becoming more efficient. It will involve big changes to the more than 700 services the council provides - everything from schools to pest control. It will mean raising charges for many and abandoning others altogether. Councils across the country are already reducing jobs, and cutting spending on school meals, meals on wheels services, the arts and leisure centres.

What should Lewisham do? For example, the council spends £113m a year on providing social care for adults because of age, ill-health or disability. It's likely that budget will have to be cut. Should the council simply reduce the number of people receiving these services?

Lewisham is running a consultation programme - Our Lewisham, Our Say - from July to October, seeking the views of residents on how the council might meet the challenges it faces.

On September 6 the Ladywell Assembly will be holding a special session on the spending cuts. Cuts on the scale envisaged could dramatically affect our neighbourhood, especially if they lead to higher unemployment and stop all funding for the sorts of improvements Ladywell needs. Make your voice heard   TonyM

Ladywell Assembly.
Monday 6 September 7-9pm
St Andrews Church Hall
Brockley Rd SE4 2SA
What do you think the council should do to reduce its spending?

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