Thursday, 26 August 2010

Pedestrians be damned

UPDATE - I am told the Ladywell traffic lights were indeed switched off to reduce traffic queues in Ladywell Rd while work was carried out at the end of Chudleigh Rd, with the help of a temporary set of lights. Traffic flows matter of course! But after almost two weeks out of action there is, to say the least, concern in Lewisham's corridors of power that matters may be getting out of hand. It seems that attention has now been drawn to the fact that residents' safety is being put at risk each day the lights are switched off - and that this might not be a good thing. I'm told hurried calls are now being made to TfL to see if the lights can be switched back on - ASAP. TonyM


Robert Sheppard said...

I've found the absence of a safe crossing a particular problem when taking my young kids down to Ladywell Fields on their bikes/scooters - and have had to tell the kids to wait whilst I've walked out into the centre of the street and put my hands up like an old fashioned copper to stop the traffic. I probably look ridiculous but don't see the option - I can't carry two kids plus bikes across the road!

Pete said...

I've only just noticed this post. What a disgrace that TFL thought this was acceptable! We live here and should be a priority over those who just want to use the area as a rat run.